Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted brags about the FINAL Tire company on Trusted Saskatoon .com directory

Trusted loves to brag about great businesses and tell people why they should choose these local Trusted companies when a need arises…who has time for all that research anymore…people are so busy juggling work, family( kids and / or aging parents) , social commitments…even grocery shopping seems to be so time consuming these days…your free time is precious and the last thing you want to do is to spend it trying to work out who to choose/ contact when you have a need in a category that you are unskilled in/ unfamiliar with or perhaps just have no one that springs to mind for the right reasons!

Well stress no more! Trusted is here to save you time, stress, hassle and maybe even money…we do all that running around, checking ( and re checking on an ongoing basis ) so YOU DON'T HAVE TO! We care about your needs and we guarantee you will have a positive experience with the wonderful businesses that do pass our rigorous checks to be awarded the ‘Thumbs up’ in your city!


‘Honestly driven’ that’s what they advertise at OK Tire and we had clients of theirs tell us that was definitely the experience they had! Trusted even double checked and we solicited the opinion of  Kelvins Wheel, Tire and Polish, another of our Trusted Saskatoon Tire businesses…which may seem odd, but Trusted clients are not concerned about competition within their category, they just care that the other businesses are run well and with integrity, otherwise they will tarnish the reputation of Trusted and what it stands for….so quite often they nominate good businesses like OK Tire to us! The Kelvins team were happy to give OK Tire the Thumbs up…and they should know!

The 3 OK Tire locations in the city are locally owned and operated by Mid-west group of companies. Ken Achs is the President and CEO, and he was born and educated in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan and is the personification of the western entrepreneur. In 1964, an interest in cars developed into a successful auto body and parts business. By the mid-1960’s, the success of that business allowed an investment in real estate and so began Mid-West Development and eventually the Mid-West Group. Today, Mid-West is diversified with its primary business in real estate development/property management and financing in western Canada and the western USA. The automotive division of the corporate group consists of O.K. Tire stores and several other businesses in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Ken and his wife (and business partner) Colleen Wilson call Saskatoon home and give back in many ways to the community.

When you go to any of the 3 OK Tire locations around the city you are not taking a risk…check out their listing here to read what their loyal customers had to say about them  From helping you select the most appropriate tires for your vehicle ad you budget, and did you know O.K. Tire locations are complete "Under The Car" service centers. What they mean by that is that all of your brake, suspension, exhaust service, along with your tire service you expected, can be handled by a certified mechanic at an O.K. Tire & Auto Service location. Saskatoon O.K. Tire locations also offer full mechanical services for complete vehicle maintenance such as batteries, oil changes & lubes, air-conditioning, computerized Diagnostic Service and tune ups. Some locations also offer SGI safety inspections! Nows the time to get in to OK Tire to get your vehicle ready for the Winter conditions that are just around the corner!

Welcome OK Tire as our final Trusted Saskatoon directory Tire store .



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