Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trustedsaskatoon brags about our Trusted Window and Door Company..and we introduce some more new Trusted Saskatoon companies!

Trusted Saskatoon has had so many listings going live , with such wonderful is an indication of how busy we are...and how many good companies are finding us ..and us finding them, thanks to the mass media campaign on the cities best radio stations, billboards and websites! Nominations flood in every day from members of the public eager to share their great experiences ..which we really apprecaite..good businesses deserve the opportunity to be involved , so keep them coming! Here are a few that went live on the site recently

 Frontier Vinyl & Glass

Another Great ' made in Saskatchewan' company in our Windows and Doors category- check out their listing here to read the great testimonials from the REAL clients we surveyed....In their MISSION Statement they say " We willl be there from start to finish..and we are not happy till you are satisfied" How refreshing to hear such a customer focused mission that is in real speak by real people and understood by all. Along with kitchen and bathrooms , windows are the most important things to invest in on a property...and if you wish to keep a good resale value it is vital that your windows are kept up to date and in good in a climate like Saskatchewan , with it's extremes can be hard on windows and to have a company that manufactures TESTED products right here ..well, it's just a smart choice! The bonus is having such a great team to service you!



GIBBON HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING :  Our 1st Air Conditioning & Furnaces  and   Electrician Listings

TRIO WED DESIGN: Our 2nd Computers & Website Design Listing




 Trusted businesses to BRAG about in our next blog....and more will be uploded by then too!!!

For all you Facebook people  click here and LIKE our Facebook page and you will have the chance to win lots and lots of PRIZES ....we are giving away CASH and stuff all the time to the fans of Trusted Saskatoon through contests and giveaways..and will be doing the same when we launch in Regina...TOGETHER we are TRUSTED..and it ALWAYS pays to be Trusted!



Trusted Saskatoon brags about out latest Trusted Saskatoon Contractor and Renovations, Home Builder, and our first Saskatoon Trusted Plumber & Moving & Storage listings!

What a crazy time it has been since the mass media advertising campaign of started on May 30th! The Trusted team has been busy with the launch event, hiring our first Trusted Consultant and meeting with more and more businesses who wish to find out how they apply to be Trusted!

Well..the 4 TRUSTED companies I am going to brag about tonight had no trouble passing our verification and checking if you want to know what it takes..well follow these fine examples:

1. Lindal Homes

After the winning entry in our Trusted Saskatoons Facebook contests WORSE experience was with a home builder and the new home warranty..or lack of it seems fitting to have our 2nd Home Builder as our first Trusted business that we promote today...lets start off with the fact that Lindal homes come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Cedar structure ...then lets just pause and look at is a stunning image that showcases a new line of Lindal homes that are now available...quite different to the Lindal 'traditional homes' that you probably associate them with ...Here is a beautiful example of a TURKAL LINDAL home for you to fall in love with ..... 

Wow...modern, airy, GREEN, contemporary and ..simply beautiful. There are lots of variations / designs to choose from too...and if you are more of a traditionallist , and want that log cabin Lindal classic click here to see the gallery for yourself and get turning that dream into a reality. Doug Pocha will look after you , and will provide the best possible personal service..there is no doubt that in Doug's world the customer is 'The King' , and he rated personally one of the highest on any of our client surveys..yes people loved the homes and the ease of how they go together..but every single one of them felt that Doug cared about them , and they were made to feel absolutely valued, listened to and considered in every step of the sale ( and after too! ) ..If you are looking to build ..or buy a house and you have never considered this option..well Trusted suggests you should look into will certainly be the envy of all your friends and neighbours..where ever that may be in Saskatchewan! 

2. Perfection Plumbing

Shane and Angela Cyrenne are the company name is very fitting...they demand the best from themselves and all of their very capable staff, and that is why they were TOP of the list when it came to talking to Plumbers here in Saskatoon ( one of the categories with the WORST reputations as one of the Trusted founders knows only too well after being ripped off herself) ...they don't claim to be the cheapest...but they will be there when they said they will be there, will not have any hidden costs to surprise you with when presenting you with the invoice at the end....their staff are clean, courteous, uniformed and come with well stocked vans...what does this mean to you the client? It means they are not running off for an hour to get an item that is very commonly used to add 'time' on the invoice ....which is one of those additional charges that surprise you from less reputable companies..who can also charge you WAY more than the actual retail cost of the item you need..simply to get more money off you ..even though, truth be told, they pay less for that item than the general public do as a trade account!!  

Perfection Plumbing was founded in 1996 and  really are different than any other plumbing company in Saskatoon. In 2001 they became affiliated with a national plumbing association called Plumbers Success International. This means they are commited to the following :

  1. Phones promptly answered by a real person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even on holidays.
  2. Immediate service response time - often in less than an hour.
  3. Drug free, bondable and insured employees
  4. Uniformed technicians who: -Work out of company vehicles, NOT their own cars -Use many of the latest state-of-the-art tools and repair methods -Do not smoke, chew or swear in the clients home!
  5. They are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.
  6. They have some of the best warranties in the area to give you peace of mind on your investment.

 All that adds up to one thing.....Give them a call will not be sorry!

If Plumbers was a top ' horror story category ' then here is another that is definitely in the top 3,  Moving and storage companies....from lost and damaged precious belongings to rat infested and damp storage units ..we are sure everyone has heard ( and hopefully not experienced ) moving nightmares. Trusted thinks that what makes it even worse is the fact that moving is proven to be one of the most stressful life experiences...and when moving companies let you down and don't care it can be extremely upsetting.

So all that being said ..we are happy to introduce our first TRUSTED Saskatoon Moving & Storage company:

3. Countrywide moving are no longer part of Trusted SDaskatoon



Contractor..has to be in the top 3 too of 'horror stories ' and Winmar Saskatoon..headed up by the fantastic Selina Baldwin , specializes in dealing with the true EMERGENCY situations that all of us hope we never have to go through...... 

  • 24 hour / 365 days a year
  • Water / Sewage Extraction
  •  Structural Drying and Preservation
  •  Contents Cleaning
  •  Mould Remediation
  •  Odor Control
  •  Board up and Containment
  •  Fire Clean-up
  •  Humidity & Indoor climate control
  •  Document and Media Recovery
  •  Asbestos Abatement
  •  Restoration of Essential Services
  •  Inventory and Content Control
  •  Temporary Warehousing
  •  Bio-hazardous Materials Clean-up

 PLUS General Construction put EVERTHING back together again

We think this list covers it all....but if it doesn't stil call Winmar because they will answer no matter what time of the day or night ..and they will be there to HELP YOU when you need it the most..they are committed to working in your best interests and the hand written cards of thanks and client testimonials in the office on the wall speak for themselves .... call WINMAR FIRST!!

Fan ' ' on facebook and maybe you will be the lucky winner of our Rhianna concert ticket giveaway contest CLICK here to find out the details and how to enter !

You can also go to the FB Group to see latest photo album to see pics of our launch party....such a fine looking bunch of Trusted partners we have!

It is definitely a good idea to be a Trusted facebook we will continuously having contests and giveaway that only our fans are eligible to win! Our next one will be announced once we have had 5000 visits to our website ...we are up to 3731 visits so far not long to go!!!!!!! We LOVE giving away CASH to our fans!!!! gives away $1000 to 2 deserving their entries and see why they won....

Todays Blog is all about YOU ..the people who need our Trusted service!

Congratulations to to Sarah Nunweiler for the BEST story about some of our Trusted businesses...Here is her winning entry!

Saskatoon Website Comments from: Sarah Nunweiler

City: Saskatoon 

Comments: Here is my entry for contest #2. Western Carpet One: I am absolutely addicted to this store…and not for their amazing flooring choices, for their robust and contemporary décor selection! They have unique wall, art, décor and accent items that you can’t find anywhere in the city and all at very affordable prices! I browse around this part of the showroom for hours because there is so much selection and so much to see each and every time I go in (which is often)! Plus, the staff is amazing and helpful, and will help you find the perfect piece that you’re looking for. The hours are great because I can pop in on the weekends when it works for me. Budget Blinds Kim and her crew were fabulous to work with. She came to my house to take measurements, show me samples and discuss my personal style, and she had my quote by email in less than 24 hours. She answered my questions super fast and was always so helpful in helping me decide on the best package for my needs. I have referred Budget Blinds to all of my friends who are building new homes because it really is the best selection in Saskatoon, at the most affordable price based on my research. What amazed me was the selection of blinds to choose from – from colours, textures, different types and prices – Budget Blinds had it all! Installation also went very smoothly and everything looks fantastic. I have peace of mind with their great warrantees that come standard with your package!

Here is Sarah giving the 'Thumbs up after being presented with her $500 CASH...enjoy the stagette Sarah!!

As Sarah said in her wining entry Western Carpet one and Budget Blinds are awesome....thats why they are TRUSTED along with all the other Trusted Businesses we promote....Now for  the 2nd winner Nicole Thoms...unfortunately she won because of the bad experience she suffered...and what a horrible,and ongoing experience that is..we are so glad she benefited somehow from the situation ( names of the company have been blanked out for legal reasons) Here is her winning entry : 

Saskatoon Website Comments from: nicole thoms

City: stoon

Comments: my worst experience was with_______________( a home builder's)/new home warrenty.our stucco was all cracked on all 4 walls and we were getting water thru the walls...then mold.They just came and gave us a patch job by putting more stucco on top.its now cracking again,the water is getting in making the lvl board bowed out.we have fought with them for 6 months for them to fix it properly and they wont.we had mold in our walls and on the insullation,so they sent ladies to come clean the wood w bleach/water then they put the moldy insulation back in...i freaked...its been ongoing w has made me feel like as a home owner you have no protection,i felt like they thought we were stupid...but i do lots of research,and they just tried to do the least/cheapest things to fix it!! they told me the mold would go away when the wood dries...are u kidding me?? the stucco guy that effed up our house just recenly moved next door...all i can say is wow!! this story def.deserves to win!!lol..what are the freaking chances???

Here is Nicole smiling ( what a TROOPER) after Trusted made her day with a much needed $500 Cash prize.


Here are some pictures of the damage to Nicoles house....this company who we will not name have gone on our 'will never be TRUSTED' list ... If you leave people in a position of loss because they choose to deal with you should be ashamed of yourself..our Trusted businesses are CONTRACTED to uphold our 5 guarantees ...and if they do ever make a mistake ( because no one is perfect afterall)  ..they will always make sure it is put right the FIRST time to their clients absolute satisfaction!


 Hundreds of nails destroy the building paper

Cracks everywhere ......everywhere


When there are lots of cracks ..and it is wet..that means ..water...inside...then comes mold!


This is why we founded Trusted help people find GOOD businesses, we have home builders on the site that build homes as if THEY were building their own home, for their family to live in!

From our Saskatoon Home Builders or Furniture stores..Dentists or Tire shop ..TRUSTED promotes the best and you can be assured when we give a business the ' thumbs up' it means something!


Trustedsaskatoon $1000 Cash giveaway contest closes tonight and we tell you about our FIRST Trusted businesses in the Saskatoon CATERING and WINDOW COVERINGS categories

Trustedsaskatoon Facebook fans have a chance to win $1000 CASH from Trusted..but they have to get their entries in by midnight tonight( Sunday 5th) . The contest is pretty straightforward :

The fans must enter by going to contact us section and email us their entries from there.

There are 2 ways to win:



EACH winner will receive $500 CASH..Entries must be in by MIDNIGHT if you are a fan and haven't entered yet...HURRY!

We have had some wonderful ...and HORRIFIC true stories so far, and will share them with you next week!

Now lets brag about our 3 new Trusted companies..they are all the first Trusted businesses in their categories and they set HIGH standards indeed for any others that wish to join them.

1. Schryers Smoked BBQ Shack Catering

Our first Trusted catering listing in saskatoon!

REAL SMOKE..REAL's got to be Schchyers..and isn't that the truth..if you haven't been to their restaurant up on Millar avenue yet, you are missing out..them that have, will agree that it simply smells delicious and the food is superb and excellent value. Jon Schyrer has the enviable title of ' PIT MASTER' and he has been providing the best slow smoked, finger licking, mouth watering menu in the city for over a year now at the restaurant..before then, he and his brother Matt were regulars on the ' festival circuit' and they were easy to spot because of the long line ups that always followed them! If you are catering an event and want to make sure that it's a hit..well..don't look any further ..from slow smoked pulled pork, amazing RIBS ( including their famous FLINTSTONE says it all)  to a show stopping WHOLE SUCKLING SMOKED HOG ( with an apple in it's mouth of course ) they can provide exactly what you suit your needs, event size and your budget..your guests will be full and satisfied...and your event will have just become that bit more memorable because you chose to have Schryers cater it. 

Click here for their catering menu..or just call in and chat to Matt or Jon at the restaurant ( and sample some of their smoked poutine while you are there....naughty but oh so good!)

Here is Jon - PIT MASTER- Schryer doing what he does best...mmmmm



2. Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds are our first WINDOW COVERINGS listing on and WOW they are good. They are situated in the same area as Schryers in the business mall on Millar Ave North..and they can furfill all of your window covering fantasies! REALLY...they have ideas and options that you never even thought of..and wether you are looking for cute black out blinds for a nursery to ornate and fancy curtains for a large great room window, Kim and the team will make it their mission to provide you with the best options possible, and they really will go out of the way to ensure that you get what you want in the time frame you want it. After the client survey portion of the Trusted verification procedure we knew that our initial thoughts were correct when they were rated a perfect 10/ 10 from every single person surveyed ( Well done! ), which is outstanding...and just this week they have been endorsed again in our Trusted contest that we are running .....who knows they might win that person $500 CASH!   To read that endorsement  and all the other contest entries check in to our blog next week ..if you want to read other clients testimonials just go to their listing here  and read them for yourself! Budget Blinds are absolutely Trusted and approved...make them your FIRST stop on your window coverings search.

Trusted promotes the best..other directories just list the rest!

Nominate business that YOU TRUST by going to our contact us section here and hit the 'Nominate and business' button.

We also have  a new Team member to introduce you to , as we take on our first Trusted consultant. Heather Boyko has her first day tomorrow in Saskatoon , and she is just thrilled to be on board..she can't wait to go and see all the businesses that she trusts and share the opportunity with them to be involved. Heather is customer focused and excels in building solid relationships with her clients..and she has a wealth of advertising experience to bring to the table. We are growing rapidly here and next week we start the journey down in Regina we start contacting fantastic businesses to be promoted by . Exciting times to be Trusted!





Trusted Saskatoon .com intoduces Reed Security the first trusted Alarm & Security Listing in the Saskatoon Directory of excellence!

Trusted is thrilled to be able to showcase these 3 Trusted Businesses, as they are all truly awesome at what they do..just like the rest of our Trusted Businesses on the Directory of excellence!  

1Reed Security 

You know you have a good business when 2 days after they sign up and the DAY they passed the stringent verification and checking procedure (that Trusted puts all of it's advertising partners through) you get a nomination through the website for them from a member of the public....someone who used to work at a competitors alarm / security firm no less..and what did she say?

Here is the email that we received through the website

Saskatoon Website Comments from: SR

Phone: 306-341-4242

 City: Saskatoon

 Province: SK

Comments: I would like to recommend Reed Security for alarm systems. I used to work for another security company in the city and Reed far surpassed us in customer service, installation and overall customer satisfaction.

Thank you SR ( i have not displayed your real name in the blog i didn't ask permission)....we are pumped that you just confirm what we already heard from the grapevine, Reeds current clients ..and knew ourselves..REED SECURITY are outstanding , and Virgil Reed the founder and owner of Reed Security totally GETS Trusted and what we stand for ..because he stands for the same. Be assured, what ever your alarm or security needs REED Security will help you to get excatly what you want ...simple domestic alarms to STATE OF THE ART security cameras ( click here to look..the clarity of image will blow you away) for businesses....they are setting a very high standard in this category thats for sure.Check out the listing here  

Lastly  look at this pictue I found from a few years ago at The Home show of REED helpers giving the Thumbs up...maybe they had a premonitionjQuery15208760662184009968_1358457806360?



We are signing people up to Trusted everyday as nominations flood in to the site ...and we thank you Saskatoon for that PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING  ...after all we are just word of mouth ..the ULTIMATE Word of mouth ..and as we said to our advertising partners on Monday at the launch celebration TOGETHER WE ARE TRUSTED....We promote the BEST ..other directories list the rest! 

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