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Benefits Of Being A Trusted Business

Trusted is a unique branding and sales tool for businesses, because Trusted offers quality focused local businesses a unique way to differentiate themselves from their competition, attract new customers, build loyalty with existing customers and increase their visibility in their home city.

Find It Impossible To Measure Your Existing Advertising?

Trusted is unique, because we guarantee that each business's results can be 100% measured and verified by means of web analytics, which we share with the each business on an ongoing basis.

Trusted's Ongoing Marketing Commitment

One of the main reasons good websites fail is because traffic is not directed to them. The TRUSTED marketing strategy is very simple. Trusted will become UNAVOIDABLE in each city we service, as we use mass media to BRAND each cities Trusted website to the population. We commit to using the 3 keys of marketing success: FREQUENCY (Repetition of message), CONSISTENCY (ongoing annual campaigns) and GREAT CREATIVE (Ear and Eye catching).

This in turn will benefit your business and increase the return on YOUR Investment by directing people to YOUR business in an extremely cost effective manner.

How do we select a Trusted Business?

  • We research businesses that have a reputation for quality driven excellence in their local market.
  • We check various reference sources
  • We randomly survey clients provided by the businesses
  • We ensure any required licences and insurance are up to date.

How we maintain and monitor Trusted Businesses

  • All of the above is re-checked and verified on an annual basis.
  • If a Trusted business does not uphold the TRUSTED GUARANTEES they will be removed immediately from the site.

Trusted Guarantees

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.
  2. Complete the job on time.
  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.
  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.
  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.


What Partners Are Saying

"As apart of the Trusted team here in Regina I can truly say you and your efforts have helped me to grow my small business tremendously! Keep up the great work!"

Clint Orr - Trusted Regina Furnace & Duct Cleaner

"The mainstream. Advertising companies must hate Trusted, when they contact me to advertise and I tell them 90% of our business comes from and how little it costs compared to what they quote me, they can't believe it and they certainly can't compete. I Don't need tl advertise anywhete else. Thank you Trusted for all you have done for Age Of Electric!"

Arlen, Age Of Electric - Trusted Saskatoon Electrician

" is the only advertising we do, and we get so many calls from the Internet, even though up till now we haven't had a website, so I knew where the business was coming from! Now Trusted Marketing Services is building me a new website, I trust their advice and appreciate their value and support!"

Brad, Active Electric - Trusted Regina Electrician

"I know the SEO and social media work we've done with YOU GUYS and Trio has really done a lot to keep us on track with (if not slightly ahead of) the big fitness franchises moving into the city in recent years (gone from a 6-8th place Google rank to 1st-2nd place). Having learned what I've learned over the past few years, these days I actually enjoy spending time on all the different areas of our internet marketing, be it Instagram, FB, Blogging etc. I know events like this will help all the other Trusted Partners see the value in it and does for them what it has for Fitness Focus. Hope to see you guys again soon, thanks again."

Garret Blackwell, Fitness Focus Health & Athletic Centre - Trusted Saskatoon Gym & Fitness Experts - Dedicated to improving wellness in Saskatoon.

"The Trusted team offers us so much support and value, they really are amazing and nothing comes close to them in the adverting world! I would recommend any business to become a Trusted partner as the training, promotion and up port is second to none!"

Laddie - Hairstyle Inn - Trusted Saskatoon Salon

"Great presentations on Social Media Marketing by Sara and Trusted Team. A great perk for Trusted members!"

Virgil Reed, Reed Security - Trusted Saskatoon and Trusted Regina Alarm & Security experts

"Thank you Sara and staff for a wealth of useful information and insight on social media. I realize that we have a lot of work to do on Google business. The presentations were very organized and easy to follow. As usual - a real class act! Thanks to all involved. Action creates Action! We sold the show home. Thank you so much for your help once again!"

Lorena Sawchyn, Emerald Park Homes - Trusted Regina Home Builders

"Thank you so much to you and your amazing staff for all the great information and tips!!! I have learned so much from you already and am grateful to have learned that much more. I am looking forward to the future session!"

CNG Stone Team - Trusted Regina Countertop experts

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"Hi, I've just move to Saskatoon and I have bought a fixer-upper home. Having no contacts here I knew here that I would be taking a gamble on which trades people I used, so I'm very happy to have found your website-thank you so much."

Claire, Saskatoon

As a Trusted partner I, of course, go to Trusted first when I am looking for a service or business to meet my needs. In May I moved so the first place I looked for my movers was on Trusted Saskatoon. Two companies came up and I immediately contacted both for quotes along with other companies that were not on Trusted. The two companies on Trusted were the only ones that responded to my request for a quote. They were very similar in what they offered and price so I selected one and my experience was great. The owner of the company was calling the guys during our move to check in and see how things were going, they were on time, the cost was what was quoted and there was not one nick in any walls. I was very satisfied with my experience.

Once we had possession of our house it was clear we needed the carpets cleaned badly. So again I went to Trusted and found Hal at the Carpet Guys. This is the second time I have reached out to Hal through Trusted. He is great. He fit me in, he is fast, and he does a fantastic job. I have recommended him to others several times.

As a Trusted partner it was great to experience it from the other side. I know the process a business goes through to be a Trusted partner, I know the work Sara and her team do to make sure each company can be "Trusted" and that makes the decision of who to call so much easier. If a company is on Trusted I don’t feel the need to ask friends for recommendations or try to find out about other people’s experiences, that work has been done for me. If you are a Trusted partner why wouldn’t you reach out to the other partners for their services and products first? It just makes sense!

Tammy, Saskatoon


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