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Meet The Trusted Management Team

Sara Wheelwright

Sara Wheelwright

Trusted Founder
Sara, the Trusted founder is an immigrant from the UK and she brings over 20 years sales & marketing experience to the company. In 2011 she took the leap of faith and started S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc. with the intention of creating something special and consumer focused, she definitely succeeded as 5 years later and are becoming household names! Sara is passionate about supporting local businesses, and the communities she does business in. Sara invests a great deal of time and money in supporting local events, non profits, entrepreneurs and individuals. In her limited spare time you'll find her running around after her 3 children, listening to live music, cooking, golfing and spending quality time with friends (normally wine is involved). Sara is the recipient of 2 Bronze International Stevie 2014 Women In Business Awards, the 2014 Saskatoon YWCA Women Of Distinction Entrepreneur Award, Saskatoon Chamber 2014 SABEX AWARD for Marketing excellence and the Saskatchewan Chamber Of Commerce 2014 ABEX Award for Marketing.

Leanna Keyes

Leanna Keyes

Trusted Partner
Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan Leanna learned the ropes of entrepreneurship (her mother's business) at an early age. Her passion for business continued and she developed a curiosity for innovative/ advancing technologies. She spent 15yrs in the TVRO industry supplying hardware/software, training, developing and implementing creative marketing strategies across Canada. Prior to joining Trusted, Leanna enjoyed a successful decade long radio career. In that role she honed her creative & marketing skills whilst focusing on helping her clients succeed. This, along with her curiosity for new advancing technologies lead her to "Where I was meant to be" and she is a now a partner at Trusted. Leanna focuses her efforts primarily on understanding the intricate details of business’s and their owners first, then incorporating key details into their marketing campaigns. This approach to sales brought outstanding results and along with that she enjoyed long term personal relationships with her clients, who trust her and her advice.

Leanna raised 2 children as a single mother, and she is now a proud and loving grandma to 6 beautiful children. Leanna loves animals, the great outdoors, adventures and travel. She owns property in Mexico where she spends time relaxing, exploring and rejuvenating.


"Hi, I've just move to Saskatoon and I have bought a fixer-upper home. Having no contacts here I knew here that I would be taking a gamble on which trades people I used, so I'm very happy to have found your website-thank you so much."

Claire, Saskatoon

As a Trusted partner I, of course, go to Trusted first when I am looking for a service or business to meet my needs. In May I moved so the first place I looked for my movers was on Trusted Saskatoon. Two companies came up and I immediately contacted both for quotes along with other companies that were not on Trusted. The two companies on Trusted were the only ones that responded to my request for a quote. They were very similar in what they offered and price so I selected one and my experience was great. The owner of the company was calling the guys during our move to check in and see how things were going, they were on time, the cost was what was quoted and there was not one nick in any walls. I was very satisfied with my experience.

Once we had possession of our house it was clear we needed the carpets cleaned badly. So again I went to Trusted and found Hal at the Carpet Guys. This is the second time I have reached out to Hal through Trusted. He is great. He fit me in, he is fast, and he does a fantastic job. I have recommended him to others several times.

As a Trusted partner it was great to experience it from the other side. I know the process a business goes through to be a Trusted partner, I know the work Sara and her team do to make sure each company can be "Trusted" and that makes the decision of who to call so much easier. If a company is on Trusted I don’t feel the need to ask friends for recommendations or try to find out about other people’s experiences, that work has been done for me. If you are a Trusted partner why wouldn’t you reach out to the other partners for their services and products first? It just makes sense!

Tammy, Saskatoon


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