Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Regina directory brags about Metro Pet Markets our first Trusted Regina Vet and Pet listing posted by Trusted Regina  is growing with wonderful, Trusted local businesses, and we are eager to brag about the latest addition to the Regina all the Trusted businesses they deserve promotion and endorsement by us, because they demonstrate excellence in all that they do on a daily basis.

Metro Pet Market

When you walk into a Metro Pet Market it really is an experience unlike any pet store. The surroundings and design seem more like a home decor store , and the counter with a glass case holding delicious looking doggy and kitty treats looks just like a high end chocolate store counter! Pets need healthy food as much as their owners...thats the philosophy of Kurt Jensen & Ross McNabb the owners of the 2 Metro pet Market stores. "First and foremost, we are a health food store for pets," said Kurt Jensen, who opened the doors to the Metro Pet Market on Victoria in 2008, and recently added a new North end location on Rochdale Blvd, "Regina really needed something like this"  

Metro Pet Market caters to the discriminating pet owner, providing only the most nutritious foods available and the store's goal is to foster responsible pet guardianship. Most commercial pet foods contain filler ingredients, like ash, that are unhealthy and even dangerous to pets. Metros underlying philosophy is that they will never bring in anything that they wouldn't feed to their own dog, the famous and award winning Ruby ( Prairie Dog Best of winner), who has one employee of the month at Metro for quite a few months in a row now, and they vow to never stray from that. All of the foods they offer are guaranteed to be free of wheat, soy and corn, which are really common allergens and can lead to health problems. Metro chooses foods from companies that have high manufacturing standards. They are big proponenets of the ' raw food' diet for Dogs, and are extermely knowledgable on the subject, if it was something you wanted to consider for your furry friend.  

But there's more than just food at Metro Pet Market. There is a massive selection of unique, high-quality toys.Metro only has things that are really high quality, and they have a strong environmental focus, in fact many of their toys and stuff are made from recycled materials. The store has dog beds that are made from organic cotton and the stuffing is made from recycled pop bottles. They have alot of really cool stuff, and upstairs there are a few high end dog beds that would be the envy of any Pooch! There is a whole bevy of items for cats and dogs, including clothing, bedding, treats, combs and even Sexy Beast -- a perfume for your smelly, four-legged friends!

Metro came highly recommended to the team, and we were eager to meet with them after hearing such good things....we can attest to the fact that they deserved the excellent reputation that they have, and it was truly solidified when we spoke to their clients during the survey portion of the Trusted verification proceess..which you can read about here. The testimonials that are in the listing ( which you can check out here) could have been 3 or 4 times as long and as many, everyone had so many amazing things to tell us, and they were all absolutely sure that Metro was THE BEST pet store in the city ..and perhaps the world as far as they were concerned. ( they do ship across Canada!) Kurt joked that he knew the names of 25 clients - but might struggle to remember their owners names...He really is quite charming..and in fact all of the team at Metro are friendly, knowledgable and passionate about what they do...when you and your pet go into the store ( Dogs aren't just allowed in,they actively encourage you to bring them along) expect to be there for a while looking around and catching up with all the latest news, it is such a great environment.

Check out their website, and you will find so many resources and fun stuff ....we like Rubys commercials, the Pet Gallery of their cute and photogenic clients and their Knowledge section, which really has some great articles, links and information for all responsible pet owners to read. Click here for their Mission. Welcome Kurt, Ross, Ruby and the Metro Pet Market team..we are proud to have you on, and look forward to working with you and endorsing you for many many years to come. You truly deserve ' The thumbs up from'.     

So , as we add more and more fantastic businesses to the Regina directory, this brings us closer to a media launch date...soon you will notice our logo starting to pop up around town on electronic billboards and on stickers in windows and on can help us get there faster by NOMINATING a business...if you do you will be eligible to be entered into a draw, where one lucky person will receive $1000 CASH!! Just make sure to telk us who you are nominating asnd why ...and don't forget tp put your name and contact details on the form....just in case it is you that wins!! Without nominations and recommendations we cannot we ONLY go to see businesses that we hear great things about.

Stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course


Ruby takes her job very seriously!

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