Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted announces more new listings in COMPUTERS in Saskatoon

Trusted is so happy to announce more TRUSTED Businesses to  .   

Listing that went live is in the COMPUTERS category in Saskatoon, and the Trusted team had heard of this company not long after it had opened it's doors ...which was less than 2years ago ...BRIDGE CITY COMPUTERS has been a breath of fresh air in an industry sector that is perceived as  'niche' and 'nerdy' to many people.....this in a time when 82% of Canadians are online ....thats over 24million Canadians with a computer or that have access to a computer every day......yet most of us are still intimidated by 'computer speak'. Well, REST easy people, the team at Bridge City are just like you and me least they look it and sound like it anyway....and more to the point they work fast and effectively and really do offer good bang for your buck..lets face it no one wants to have computer issues one likes when you have to take your laptop in to get fixed..but when or if it does happen Trusted knows that Bridge city computers on Broadway will do what they can to get you up and blogging or facebooking again in no time ..check out their listing here or go have a look around the might just find some things you didn't even know you wanted!


By the way, we don`t know what the picture below is, we pulled it off Bridge city computers Facebook page ..but it looks cool:


The Trusted team is going to be working over the Easter weekend to get more listings processed and up next the meantime please let us know if you know any good businesses that deserve recognition in Saskatoon and beyond....we will be telling you more about CQ Flooring, Mawsons and Windecor too..Have a great Easter!


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