Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted brags about J Marquis Salons our latest Trusted Salon on THE Saskatoon Directory of excellence!

Posted by Trusted Saskatoon | November 26, 2011 09:29 has been serving the Saskatoon public for nearly 6 months now, and in that time we have helped over 8000 people find Trusted local businesses in the city. The Trusted team of Founder Sara Wheewlright, Trusted Consultants Heather Boyko, Renee Larre, Michelle Staruila and our newest Team member Angela Achtemichuk are working hard to change the way businesses offering the only marketing vehicle that demands high standards that are met and maintained for inclusion!

We get wonderful messages of support and thanks from the public, and we know that with time we will have an effect on standards as a we urge you , when searching or Googling for companies when you have a need, or are doing research on who to choose ..look for TRUSTED ___(category)_________Saskatoon( or Regina) , you will be glad you did!

Our latest Trusted business on the Saskatoon directrory is one of the best Salons in the province ....not the fanciest, or most expensive by any means ..but they promise not to poison you..which is always a good start!! J Marquis Salons J Marquis has a loyal following in the city, from women ( and some men) that value HEALTHY hair care……..but believe me…that does NOT mean sacrificing glamour, color or show stopping style!

Everyone loves to have a little “me” time in the salon – a fresh look, a new colour, a gorgeous cut! But your hair in the wrong hands can turn a lovely experience into frustration, embarrassment, and occasionally (heaven forbid!) more damage. The team of stylists, headed up by the beautiful and bubbly Jana at J Marquis, are dedicated to helping unlock the true potential of your hair using the unique VIDA system! Beauty does not have to mean dangerous chemicals and harmful toxins… Simply by following the recommendations of your VIDA stylist, you will create for yourself the hair you've always wanted, providing that feeling of happiness, confidence and love. Cleaning out a few extra poisons in your life is an AMAZING feeling….why not start with your beauty products? J Marquis is 100% committed to helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle when it comes to your daily beauty regime. How did J Marquis discover the VIDA system? They were in Hollywood TEACHING stylists how to use J-Clips! That’s right….showing the stylists to the stars how to create incredible volume without a pound or two of product! Jacquelyn Marquis (founder and former owner of J Marquis Hair Salons) is the genius behind the J-Clips. Over the years she has promoted her clips not only in Hollywood but also on QVC - one of the biggest shopping channels on television. She has been HUGELY successful in training thousands of clients and fellow hair stylists in using this fantastic product!

After J-Clips had been presented, the J Marquis stylists were able to learn what all the celebrity hairstylists got to learn. One gentleman spoke for 2 hours straight. That 2 hours changed the way J Marquis operated their business, and also changed their lives….and now, many of their CLIENTS lives! What this man spoke about happens on a daily basis…. For stylists, multiple times a day….and something that people are completely un-educated about. He talked about the toxicity of the hair industry and how it's killing us, especially hairstylists who work with these chemicals and a continual basis all day long. It is scary and J Marquis believes that you should be aware…and they are on a polite and caring mission to educate, inform and reform people within the industry as stylist, owners etc….and their clients! . So without hesitation they DEMANDED to know what VIDA was all about. They took themselves down to Florida and brought back the VIDA system to Canada. J Marquis is proudly the first salon ever in Canada to have it, and now they are so fortunate to be sharing it with you - the consumer, the stylists, the one with the falling out hair, the fried ends, the burnt up hair, the man, the child.....This is for anyone and everyone who has ever had a bad hair day or who has become ill from the beauty industry.

Beyond Vida , Jana and the J Marquis team also offer many other services ...including Nails by Rene...who the Trusted founder Sara , is confident does the best nails in the took her 2 years to find her, and everyone comments on her beautiful nails and unique designs! Jana is bringing a more holistic approach to the salon , and believes firmly in treating the whole body well...not just the hair.....we suggest if you have never been to J Marquis ( which is up on Circle Drive in the same Mall as Humptys and next door to the Best mattress store in the city WISEGUYS, another Trusted businesss) ...then make a point of going along and having a look for your self.. you won't regret it, and who knows, it may change the way you think about hair care for ever!

Follow Jana's blog for some great tips and advice on a healthier you! Check out their listing here

All of our Trusted businesses go through the same rigourous process to be eligible for promotion on our Trustedwebsites...(which you can read about here) this means there is NO risk to the consumer...just Safe and Trusted Saskatoon businesses at your fingertips..all contracted to the 5 Trusted Guarantees:

1.Provide the service and quality promised.

2.Complete the job on time.

3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

Stay Trusted my friends...Safe and Trusted of course!

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