Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Why Dentists in Saskatchewan can NOT be TRUSTED.

It is with much sadness and regret that the Trusted Team has had to remove the Dentist Category on and local directories.

The analytic data from the 2 directories PROVES without a doubt that the public were looking for Trusted Dentists in Saskatchewan , and wanted an un-biased , consumer focused place to find them, that had more information about the dentists than the location and if they were expecting new patients, in fact some days in the last year DENTISTS was the MOST visited category on the directories!

So whats the problem you ask?

Bad Dentists? Scary Clinics? No Dentists in Saskatchewan that are up to date with the latest techniques? 


NOPE, it's not because we can't find great dentists in the cities, thats not it at all ....

Trusted wanted to be an easy place for the public to find dentists in Saskatoon and Regina,  that not only do a great job of the actual dentistry ( like most dentists in Saskatchewan we are sure!) but also to feature dentists that run a great businesses AND have amazing, friendly support staff.

We were looking for clinics that had at least one dentists who is awesome ( ie: LIKE dealing ) with kids,  and we found those that invested in beautiful clinics to wait and be treated in, and lets not forget, Trusted only contacted NOMINATED Dentists, who's clients (that nominated them) said they went over and above to provide outstanding customer service.  

Look, lets be honest, Joe  ( or Jane ) Public don't have the time, money or inclination to go from clinic to clinic to find a dentist that meets their specific we thought this is a good thing we are doing here for the public right?  

Well apparantly not!

According to the Saskatchewan College of Dentistry, who,  after discussing Trusted with it's board members deemed our directories to be NON Compliant with their code of advertising ethics!  


We are the only directory that has every advertiser contracted to  uphold Guarantees of customer service and ethical standards, why the heck would you disallow Trusted?

Trusted works FOR the publics best intrests, the College says they do, so whats the problem?


Lets back track a little ....

Knowing that the advertising compliance from the college was very strict with Dentists in Saskatchewan, the dental listings from the get go were unlike any other Trusted Listings, they were basically very short, fact based listing showing the services , location and hours , and,  just like we always do, we shared the testimony of a few clients WORD for WORD that we had spoken to as part of the Trusted Verification process and we shared a brief personal take on the clinics staff, careful not to mention the words BEST, HIGHLY SKILLED  and other such grandiose adjectives  when it came to talking about the dentists.

Apparantly we caught someones attention, a competitor perhaps, as I can't imagine that a member of the public would complain about us providing Trusted Dentists at their fingertips?

Before I knew it we were on the phone justifying Trusted's dentists category to Dr Bernie White the current President of the College of Dentistry in Saskatchewan.

To Dr White's merit he did allow us an audience,and we held a meeting with him and 2 other staff members. The Trusted Data was shared and explained, as was our in depth verification and the Trusted Process. We wanted to appeal to the College on the behalf of the public, as when we asked our Facebook fans, all of them wanted to know more than the basics ( location, contact details and if they are accepting new patients ) that the college or other paid advertising provides, and most people looked at online reviews for direction,  which we know can be sketchy at best!

We left the meeting feeling some what optimistic.

Dr Bernie initially wanted to know how we differed from other ' agencies ' like the BBB and 'awards' like the Consumer Choice Awards,which he said had 'heard of' . We do get asked this sometimes, but as we have such a strict and rigorous process of selection and verification compared to them ( compare if you will) we don't consider Trusted to be in the same boat, they sell memberships and awards, we take our time to find Partners that are right and we hold them to high standards consistently for ever!

We walked away thiniking all went well, there were many positives- they really like how we connected with the public and provided tips etc. We were told that  one dentists could NOT be seen to be giving oral health advice to the public, thats BAD and against compliance, as it suggests that the Dentist giving the tips is an expert. Apparantly that is not allowed.  


2 days later a Trusted Dentist Partner called me to say that Dentist category had been deemed ' non-compliant'

This is what was emailed to Dr Bernie White after hearing the decision.


" I have to admit I am confused. I left the meeting last week on the absolute understanding that removal of testimonials and revision of listings,  made the listings absolutely compliant on the directories going forward.

This makes it no different to any other directory, online directory or other advertising. In fact as the Trusted directories do not have the facility nor do I allow the public to leave any reviews, testimonials or ratings- anonymous or not ( like practically every other online directory on the internet that lists dentists in Saskatchewan) that it offers the most compliant and controlled `advertising` directory option online.

You clearly stated that Dentists could not provide Tips to the public , nor could they be `experts`or BEST and unlike other industries listed on the directory they could not be guests on the Trusted Talk to the Expert shows on News Talk across the province. It was also pointed out that displaying the Symbol on 1 of the dentists listings ( Canadian Dental association) was non-compliant and would have to be removed.

At the conclusion of the meeting it was suggested that the college may ask for it to be made clear that this is a paid advertisement in the listing and may even request that a link to the college be on each listing. This was not stipulated though, and I was expecting a communication to direct me on this at a later date.

It was also discussed that perhaps having just one Dentist Group may be disagreeable to the College and the following options were discussed.

a. To restrict 1 dental Group to have just 1 or perhaps max 2 of the 3 available listing ( listing all 3 locations and listing all dentists working at those locations) thus allowing 2 other dentists an opportunity to be on the directory, It seemed to contiridict the morals and ethics of the college and personally seemed to bother Dr Bernie White,  that just ONE dentist surgery in Saskatoon may be seen as Trusted ( or BETTER his words  )

b. For the college to take one of the listings for FREE and to use that listing to explain what the college does and to be the Trusted fans and followers and the public who used the directories ( 40,000 individuals across Saskatchewan thus far) dental resource – this would mean that the college would provide all the Dental `trusted expert tips` for the blogs we do and the college would provide an `expert `for the Trusted Talk to the Expert Shows.

 I believe I made it clear that I was willing to compromise my requirements and my business to accommodate the college as I believe that the DENTIST category should be on the directory, if only to reach newcomers and immigrants coming to the province ( who we target directly with our radio ads voiced in 13 languages, Tourism SK ads, Facebook and community involvement initiatives)

 I was waiting for the final decision on these details before making any more changes and before communication to the public.."

Here is the letter I got back : July 16 2012 CDSS~Sara letter.docx (57.70 kb)


Dr Whites comments were very clear " Thanks Sara. We have communicated with our members involved in the 'Trusted' websites and we wish to follow up further with you regarding our discussion last week. Following the discussion(July 12) we reviewed the matter and began drafting a letter for you and for the members involved. Enclosed is the letter for you dated July 16 that addresses this matter. We look forward to discussing further, with you, the concept of institutional advertising similar to the 'Ask the Expert' program. Regards, Bernie "


In fact he said " the 'Trusted' site is deemed non compliant because the word 'trusted' is misleading, confusing, and can't be objectively verified! "

Trusted certainly will not be entering into an advertising relationship with the College, as we fundamentally disagree with their reasoning and find the fact that they don't Trust their own members to advertise in a professional and ethical manner to be in the worst possible and protectionist taste!


Who are they trying to protect ?


INTERESTING as the following information explains.

Dr Bernie White - President of the College, partner of Mid Town Dental , the same Midtown dental that are owners of the ( just 1 per category per city) Consumer Choice award for Dentistry in Saskatoon for the last 3 years ( displayed on website here)




 Apparantly they are the BEST in local Dentistry in Saskatoon!





Is that one rule for your Clinic in Saskatoon and one for all the other dentist in Saskatchewan Dr White? 

Hey,  at least we had 3 spots available and we checked them out, showed you the evidence...PROOF..TRANSPARANCY.

Trusted is an on the ground LOCAL business with owners and staff looking out for LOCAL people here in Saskatchewan, not an ad agency in Montreal!   


We saw this picture in a Gallery recently and had to sums it all up really!




FIND Saskatchewan Dentists we know to be Trusted, and not because they pay us.



Trusted Saskatoon Contractor 3 'N 1 Construction steps up to SAVE THE DAY after local family Ripped Off by Roofer

Why should you choose a Trusted Business?

WHY can Trusted Partners can be Trusted and what kind of businesses do Trusted promote and endorse on our is a fine example of one of our Trusted Saskatoon Contractors.  

The day 3 'n 1 Construction saved the day  

FRIENDLY, SINCERE AND HONEST ..DONE BY THE BOOK ..that's what it says on the card of Ken Eade ...the owner of 3'n 1 construction and this truly is the philosophy he lives and does business by....This is why when he heard a sad story about a local woman Lorraine, via a friend,  who had been Ripped Off by a  ' Cowboy Roofer ' he felt he had to call her to get the full story and to see if he could in some way help....

Ken spoke to Lorraine and she told him that she had gotten a quote for new shingles on her modest East side Saskatoon home from the owner of a company called ' Saviour Roofing', the man asked for a sizeable deposit to pay for all materials ..and as he portrayed himself very convincingly as an honest Church going family man, Lorraine didn't hesitate in Trusting him and handed over the money....

Lorraine never heard from him again...the cell number had been disconnected and when she checked afterwards, the company was not registered..her Roofer was a Con Man and had disappeared along with her money ...she was devasted..emotionally and financially.... BEWARE this happens MORE than you think!!!

After hearing this sad tale, Ken was moved into action..he immediately called his 3 'n1 Construction Team together, and after hearing the story all of them didn't think twice about offering their services for a day without pay to cover the labour costs on the roofing work. Ken is so proud that his team made the decision to take a day away from their familys and their own recreation time to help Lorraine and her family in a time of need. ..


Ken then approached his suppliers KENROC Building Materials, hoping they might be interested in donating some supplies  .... Kenroc  did more than that, after hearing the story and sharing it with Head Office in Regina, they quickly got back to Ken to tell him they would use their Community fund to donate EVERYTHING required to do the job, for FREE  to help Lorraine out! They really appreciated Ken giving them the opportunity to be involved , and it is clear,  like Ken they stand for Integrity and commit to Honest business practices

Ken called Lorraine to tell her the good news and she simply couldn't believe it!!! From a bad experience with a con man contractor that ripped her off and left her devastated being approached by a caring stranger Ken and his equally caring supplier who ended up coming to her families rescue ...for no other motivation than just wanting to help her out and put things right! Matt from KENROC and Ken came down to meet Lorraine Today ( 30th fitting that it is the 1st anniversary )

Ken called Trusted to share the story with us earlier this week, and to see if we could help get the word out that ' con men ' were out there in Saskatoon doing this to people...we are so proud of him and his kind heart, and we asked if we could help  out in anyway ..but it seems he and Kenroc had everything covered as far as the re-roofing was what else could we do we wondered ? 

Knowing that the emotional stress of being ripped off is almost always worse than the financial pain ..we contacted Melissa Hamilton, one of our Trusted Spa Partners, owner of Edgewater Spa and Spa Ahava , and told her the story ..Melissa was shocked and genuinely concernd for Lorraines wellbeing and we didn't have to ask for a thing ..she offered to give Lorraine a Gift Certificate so she could have some relaxation and destressing ' Lorraine time' after her recent tough time! Way to go Melissa- you ROCK!  

WOW what a Great TRIO of businesses....what a great ending to what started off as an horrific tale...

If you see Ken and the 3 'n 1 team give them the Thumbs up...same to Kenroc and Edgewater Spa deserve all the kudos you are going to get because of your kind and selfless've certainly made our day at Trusted ..and many other peoples too I am sure!!!!  


Listen to the story soon on Newstalk 650 ..they came down after we shared the story with they can help get the news out to everyone!

See the video for an interview with  Lorraine , Ken and Matt from Kenroc.... Thumbs up to all!! 


Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE AND TRUSTED SASKATOON


Heres the Amazing and Trusted 3'n1 team ..way to go!!!


KENROC as they deliver all the materials and supplies to Lorraine !!! 


Trusted has BIG advertising we substantiate them! and are advertised very heavily in the cities they service ...and we do that for one reason and one reason only educate the public about the directories and what they stand for...In doing so we can ruffle feathers of businesses that aren't Trusted, as well as organizations and businesses who may percieve us to be in ' competition' with them ...and although we are absolutely transparent in all our dealings -  all the information required to substantiate our claims can be found easily in our blogs ( and blog archives), on our websites, in our reviews & testimonials..or if that is not enough or too time consuming then we are just a call or an email away  ..and we GUARANTEE we will get back to you in a timely manner.


When we are advertising...we advertise TO the public ( not to businesses), and as the public has never had a service like Trusted before it is important to explain what the directories are, how they operate, what are the many features and benefits of going to Trusted over other directories and websites out there.... and what we ( Trusted) as a business, brand and organization STAND FOR!


We understand that the cynics and other organizations that perhaps feel threatened out there will mutter,grumble and try to find holes in our business philosophy ..and we have had comments like:

"what makes these businesses TRUSTED?" 

" why should we trust you?" 

" the businesses pay to be you must work for them and be biased"   

" There is always a can you be sure a business won't RIP you off"

(The last one was a comment direct from the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan to us on 24th April 2012)

So this blog is meant to clearly lay out our Marketing and to explain who we are and what we do in the simplest terms!!



Trusted claims



Trusted is invested in providing the best local directory and local resource library possible for the public...

Trusted has provided a service that removes the work and stress out of choosing a business when a need do we do that ?

TRUSTED DOES EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO ENSURE WE ONLY FEATURE GREAT BUSINESSES ....this means you can be assured that when you choose one of the Trusted businesses that you are choosing wisely- 

Firstly we don't just ' cold call' businesses randomly ...Trusted businesses come recommended or nominated.. by other businesses or by friends, suppliers, clients and the public ...

When we did our research we were surprised that other 'seemingly similar-ish ' organizations criteria to be endorsed is just being in business for a year ..or because they are a big business, or even just because they are affiliated to other organizations or 3rd parties .....not Trusted... we know that there are MUCH more important factors than tenure or size when choosing a business ..we are more interested in integrity, service and quality... and you would be amazed at how many nominations we get through the websites on a weekly basis!

Trusted staff check THE BASICS... licenses, insurances and WE ensure they have the qualifications required to do what they do....

Then we gather a minimum of 25 names and numbers of clients of the business applying, we call a portion of them to check out references and we survey them..with a few closed, but mostly OPEN ENDED questions- look at the listings on the directories and you will see they all start with testimonials, this is where they came from and we can be on the phone for quite sometime chatting with these people...and hearing about their personal experiences!

If we get average feedback on the business or any bad feedback we DO NOT proceed with the businesses Trusted is not EASY to be Trusted... we set the bar high.    

Here is a picture of just some of the surveys - from 1 Trusted Saskatoon Contractor - 3 n'1 Construction  


After the business has passed that stage of the application we sign a contract with the business, where they sign to uphold the



1.Provide the service and quality promised.

2.Complete the job on time.

3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

ONLY Then do we feature them on the directory as Trusted!

Do we say they are the BEST ? No

Do we say they offer the MOST value or quality or that they are better than others? No

We simply say that you can TRUST them.. they have put themselves out there and proven to TRUSTED that they will do all they can to live up to our reasonable expectations...and then some!    

Oh and just to be sure,  we have a Mystery Shopper Program ...this is to add in an additional security check and if they have issues in the mystery shop that are not resolved or if we hear and it is proven that they have not upheld the guarantees we will ( and have )REMOVE a business from the directory....

Just click on our Google Places and read the reviews on us.... in particular read Tracy D's  review...she came to us with a problem..and TRUSTED helped her....she is not the first and she will not be the last that comes to us for help she said we ARE the REAL DEAL...and have lots of evidence to prove it....but with out express consent of the parties involved we will not share any other specifics in this most public of forums....we value the Trusted Businesses and the individual members of the publics right to privacy.     

On top of this EVERY YEAR the businesses must re- qualify to retain their status...TRUST is earned not GIVEN!

In addition to this rigourous and lengthy unique Trusted verification process, we work for the public in another way keeping in close contact with the businesses to gather Tips and resources for the public..we ask the public through our many social media platforms ( FB and Twitter being just some of them ) what they want to know..then we provide the answers in our Trusted Tips   both in the blogs and by means of our Global TV weekly Tips (* which can be easily accessed on our You Tube Channel! See below for a great example of us working FOR the public and helping them have their voice heard by business)  



Everything we do at Trusted combines to substantiate this claim.. ....

From the process we just out lined above...

To something as simple as restricting the NUMBER of Trusted Businesses to maximum of just 3 per category.....

Ask your can any business that positions them selves as having high standards like ours possibly manage  400, 500 , 600 + businesses .....and ensure high standards are maintained?  ..IT's IMPOSSIBLE ...unless you have unilmited resources and staff.....we know that Yellow pages, other online directories and the BBB would be unable to do what we do ..they have 1000's of businesses to ' police ' and they simply don't have the resources, systems or money available ..and most are driven soley by profit so they lack any inclination to DO what Trusted is doing....they have their place...we have ours ...we promote the TRUSTED businesses ..they list some of ours too...along with lots of other businesses; some that do not meet our strict criterea along with others that might ....Trusted values all of these other organizations that have some type of standards ...anyone trying to improve business practices in the marketplace is a good thing for consumers ..and for the public...

However when you add all of this together it is clear that Trusted really is....the SMART & SIMPLE CHOICE!

Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE & TRUSTED Of course!


TRUSTED SASKATOON 1st anniversary contest ...WIN BIG with TRUSTED and a local non profit WINS too  celebrates its 1st Birthday on 30th May we have a special contest for you!!

With lots of chances to WIN

Trust is so important in any relationship ..personal or business and our Pinterest board has pictures symbolising Trust ...

Tell us what Trust means to YOU in an image- Send us your pictures with a title by email:

The winner will win $500 and $250 will be donated to a local charity of their choice 2 runners up will win a $100 Gift Certificate.

Go to our Facebook page 'LIKE' & 'SHARE' the post with this picture about the contest and you will be entered into a draw -2 winners will receive $50 Gift Certificates.

Entries must be submitted by 20th May- finalists will be chosen & announced 22nd May then voting closes 30th May.

It always PAYS to be a fan of Trusted!



Trusted brings RESULTS for Consumers AND Trusted Partners here is the PROOF!!

S & E Trusted Online Directory launched the website to the Saskatoon Public as THE ONLY SASKATOON DIRECTORY that works for them on May 30th just 10 short months has become the most used directory in the city..and it's no wonder..we have found amazing Trusted businesses in Saskatoon , and they have been consistently proving that they are worthy of the kudos we heap upon them on a daily basis! launches in just 3 weeks to the Regina public as the REGINA DIRECTORY of excellence, and we know that the companies on board are OUTSTANDING experts and that each and every one of them provide excellence in customer service as standard!

So does it work? Lets look at it from the the eyes of a consumer in Saskatoon

   These are just a handfull of the many unsolicited Facebook comments and online reviews we have enjoyed receiving !!!

"Can I recommend a company that deserves recognition for it's very high standard of customer service etc etc ... It's called TRUSTEDASKATOON.COM LOL Go Trusted, just been watching your videos.. AWESOME!!! WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU !!!" , Ursula Bell 30th March 2012

" Just bought our second bed from a trusted business 'wiseguys mattresses' we are so happy with our purchase from such a great company. Thumbs up!" Sheri N' Brinn Rudoski March 24th 2012

" Hello! hi guys i just stumbled across your page and i am so glad i did! you guys seem to do some great work....i will be back and thanks guys! " --- Kasmira C Davis a student and mother (enough said!) Feb 16th 2012

"I'd like to thank you for taking the time and effort to make a difference in our community. Your services and ambitions are appreciated. " Micheal Lander, Feb 15th 2012

"I have used 4 companies that were recommended by TrustedSaskatoon for various services and was glad I consulted Trusted first. The businesses delivered exectly as Trusted said they would! " Fitness Focus, Oct 15th, 2011

" Just wanted to say I used your site to find a plumber. Not only did they come the next day to change my water heater but one of the guys from Gibbon heating shoveled my walk. Just wanted you guys to know the extra service I got from that company. Thank you I appreciated it." Lee Chillog , Feb 3rd

"Trusted is the real deal!! My husband and I contacted Trusted after having issues with a vehicle that we purchased from a Trusted Auto dealer a few years ago.We notified the owner of Trusted Saskatoon (Sara Wheelwright), who got us in touch with the Operations Manager . We promptly met with him to iron out our concerns and he dealt with them in a straightforward and timely fashion, him and other staff showed us utmost respect and patience. In the end we walked away feeling very satisfied .. We recommend the FFUN motor group to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle they are honest and live by the Trusted Guarantees..we know! Thank-you to both Trusted and to FFUN motor group for looking after us so well!!! " Tracy D , Feb 7th 2012

What about the businesses who are our Trusted Partners

Lets share just some of their recent comments!

" Just wanted to let you know just got my first Client from Trusted Saskatoon! " Tammy Wandzura Mortgage Broker - Feb 10th 2012 ( just 3 weeks after she went live on the Site)

" Just wanted to let you know that we have had a great response from being listed with Trustedsaskatoon .com We have only joined up with you at the beginning of June so having results back this quick is saying a lot. Our new clients have stated that it is great to have a local place that gives information and has testimonials about local businesses , especially for new home owners who haven’t really dealt with home repairs. On a secondary note by being listed with you at our business name is climbing up in the listings when you search for Saskatoon plumbers! So all your hard work is paying off with launching your business and getting the name out there! Keep you posted on all the good things ! Keep up the good work! Thanks again Angela Cyrenne Perfection Plumbing - July 11th 2011

" Thank you Trusted Saskatoon for assisting us in getting to the forefront of our industry. Being able to reach out and meet or speak to you at the drop of a hat is so helpful. Technology is the way to go! Trusted ROCKS......" Kate, Gibbon Heating and Air-Conditioning, 30th March 2012

" I went live on Trusted Saskatoon on Friday and I have had my first call on Monday, they weren't calling for a quote along with 4 or 5 other companies , they were calling because they TRUST me and wanted to book me for their big reno after finding me on Trusted and reading my listing!!! I have never had that kind of result before with advertising..and I have done Radio, Yellow pages and lots of other things in the past ...thank you Trusted I am already a FAN after just 3 days with you " Alex Sipko, Saskatoon Woodworks, 26th March 2012

"It is always a proud moment when a potential customer tells you that they have actually heard of us. We get comments like, “So you are the voice on the renovation show on News Talk”, “We saw your designer on CTV Morning Live”, “We hear your radio advertisements”, I read an article in a magazine about you guys”. This past weekend at the Home Styles Show, we got some new comments. “I got your name from Trusted so I wanted to come talk to you”, “I saw the Trusted logo over here so I wanted to find out more about your company”, “I checked out your website from a link on Trusted Saskatoon.Com”. We handed out brochures about my company and in the package were the Trusted Saskatoon Logo Brochures. This was how I found out that numerous people had checked us out on Trusted Saskatoon Website. I was pleasantly surprised and made mention of this during the show as to how many people had actually checked us out through Trusted Saskatoon. I can tell you, I smiled lots because it was a great feeling knowing that we are a Trusted company.

The reason we originally joined Trusted Saskatoon was (1) to advance my company, (2) promote our integrity in business (3) additional exposure and networking. Trusted Saskatoon promotes the 5 Trusted Guarantees necessary to be a member so that logo on our company brand indicates to our potential customers that we are a dependable company. It only makes sense to me that we also promote Trusted Saskatoon within my business like we did at Home Styles. We want to set ourselves apart from the competition and let everybody to know that we are a Trusted Company!

With the amount of people I talked to at the Home Show, I know that Trusted Saskatoon works for me. I am confident it works for other companies that promote their memberships too. We give Trusted Saskatoon a Big Thumbs Up! " Dave Anderchuck, 30th March 2012 J.A.B.A Construction  

"“Sara approached Campbell Homes with the opportunity for us to be featured on Her passion and knowledge in her field sold us to sign up. In a short period of time she has gone above and beyond positioning us in the market. I highly recommend the value that Sara and her team can bring.” Jason Campbell, Campbell Homes March 16, 2012

"“Sara and the Trusted team are amazing. We at JonesE are a unique business and with that we are always looking for new ways for us to stay ahead of our competition. If you are looking for a great way to have your business represented in a way that no other place can Trusted is the place for you. Just email the Trusted team and I am sure you will find out for your self that this is THE place to be promoting your company. Check out to find out how you to can be a steps ahead of your competition.” Karen Jones, JONESE June 8, 2011 

" We got our first job from TrustedREGINA after just 2 days ..from another Trusted Partners Melcher media..way to go Trusted Regina! Can't wait till we launch! " John, Bergen Auto Body, March 21st 2012 "HI Sara, Thanks for the referal. I am really, really amazed at the number of people who find us off of this site. I would not have believed this kind of success to be honest with you. There was obviously a real need for someone to step up and create a site like Trusted for a long time. Thanks again Sara for everything. My business saw a 400% growth last year, and I credit your site for a lot of that." Sincerely,Ken Eade 3 n'1 Construction, saskatoon April 2012"

Here is a You Tube Video explaining how we operate and what we stand for..and this explains WHY IT WORKS..can you think of anyone that DOES NOT want to deal with local businesses they can TRUST?





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