Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Regina directory brags about Metro Pet Markets our first Trusted Regina Vet and Pet listing posted by Trusted Regina  is growing with wonderful, Trusted local businesses, and we are eager to brag about the latest addition to the Regina all the Trusted businesses they deserve promotion and endorsement by us, because they demonstrate excellence in all that they do on a daily basis.

Metro Pet Market

When you walk into a Metro Pet Market it really is an experience unlike any pet store. The surroundings and design seem more like a home decor store , and the counter with a glass case holding delicious looking doggy and kitty treats looks just like a high end chocolate store counter! Pets need healthy food as much as their owners...thats the philosophy of Kurt Jensen & Ross McNabb the owners of the 2 Metro pet Market stores. "First and foremost, we are a health food store for pets," said Kurt Jensen, who opened the doors to the Metro Pet Market on Victoria in 2008, and recently added a new North end location on Rochdale Blvd, "Regina really needed something like this"  

Metro Pet Market caters to the discriminating pet owner, providing only the most nutritious foods available and the store's goal is to foster responsible pet guardianship. Most commercial pet foods contain filler ingredients, like ash, that are unhealthy and even dangerous to pets. Metros underlying philosophy is that they will never bring in anything that they wouldn't feed to their own dog, the famous and award winning Ruby ( Prairie Dog Best of winner), who has one employee of the month at Metro for quite a few months in a row now, and they vow to never stray from that. All of the foods they offer are guaranteed to be free of wheat, soy and corn, which are really common allergens and can lead to health problems. Metro chooses foods from companies that have high manufacturing standards. They are big proponenets of the ' raw food' diet for Dogs, and are extermely knowledgable on the subject, if it was something you wanted to consider for your furry friend.  

But there's more than just food at Metro Pet Market. There is a massive selection of unique, high-quality toys.Metro only has things that are really high quality, and they have a strong environmental focus, in fact many of their toys and stuff are made from recycled materials. The store has dog beds that are made from organic cotton and the stuffing is made from recycled pop bottles. They have alot of really cool stuff, and upstairs there are a few high end dog beds that would be the envy of any Pooch! There is a whole bevy of items for cats and dogs, including clothing, bedding, treats, combs and even Sexy Beast -- a perfume for your smelly, four-legged friends!

Metro came highly recommended to the team, and we were eager to meet with them after hearing such good things....we can attest to the fact that they deserved the excellent reputation that they have, and it was truly solidified when we spoke to their clients during the survey portion of the Trusted verification proceess..which you can read about here. The testimonials that are in the listing ( which you can check out here) could have been 3 or 4 times as long and as many, everyone had so many amazing things to tell us, and they were all absolutely sure that Metro was THE BEST pet store in the city ..and perhaps the world as far as they were concerned. ( they do ship across Canada!) Kurt joked that he knew the names of 25 clients - but might struggle to remember their owners names...He really is quite charming..and in fact all of the team at Metro are friendly, knowledgable and passionate about what they do...when you and your pet go into the store ( Dogs aren't just allowed in,they actively encourage you to bring them along) expect to be there for a while looking around and catching up with all the latest news, it is such a great environment.

Check out their website, and you will find so many resources and fun stuff ....we like Rubys commercials, the Pet Gallery of their cute and photogenic clients and their Knowledge section, which really has some great articles, links and information for all responsible pet owners to read. Click here for their Mission. Welcome Kurt, Ross, Ruby and the Metro Pet Market team..we are proud to have you on, and look forward to working with you and endorsing you for many many years to come. You truly deserve ' The thumbs up from'.     

So , as we add more and more fantastic businesses to the Regina directory, this brings us closer to a media launch date...soon you will notice our logo starting to pop up around town on electronic billboards and on stickers in windows and on can help us get there faster by NOMINATING a business...if you do you will be eligible to be entered into a draw, where one lucky person will receive $1000 CASH!! Just make sure to telk us who you are nominating asnd why ...and don't forget tp put your name and contact details on the form....just in case it is you that wins!! Without nominations and recommendations we cannot we ONLY go to see businesses that we hear great things about.

Stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course


Ruby takes her job very seriously! brags about our final Trusted Insurance listing on the Saskatoon Directory. Welcome to Conexus Insurance! is filling up fast and we only have 34 spaces available as we search the city for businesses that can pass our strict checks, and who will be deserving of ' The Thumbs up' that we give to our clients, as it truly does mean something! Remember, we are THE only company that ensures their clients have to prove themselves to be of a high standard before we work with them.We list the best...other directories list the rest. 

You will see more Trusted listings going live next some are still going through the Trusted verification process..If you know of any businesses that you believe deserve the promotion and endorsement of Trusted, PLEASE contact us and let us is the link to the nominate section of Without nominations and recommendations from you the public we would struggle to have found some of these amazing THANK you and keep the nominations coming..only by recognizing great businesses and promoting them to the city will standards across the board begin to rise...that is our aim in the long term...we work for you the public and we hope we provide a service that adds value to your busy lives.   

The latest Trusted partner is a wonderful addition to our Saskatoon directory lets tell you why they deserve ' The Thumbs Up'

Conexus Insurance

The third and final Trusted Insurance listing on the Saskatoon directory is Conexus Insurance. It may come as a surprise to you that Conexus does Insurance as it is not that ‘common knowledge’ yet. Most people automatically think of Conexus as the Credit Union, but Conexus actually have many offices across the province: Humboldt, Humboldt Westwood Center, Lake Lenore, Lumsden, Muenster, Regina and of course Saskatoon. They offer Home, Auto, Farm & Commercial Insurance and have a very user friendly website where they have the option of doing SGI ( vehicle and driver renewals) services online…no need to drive to the insurance office , in fact, you don’t even have to get of your PJ’s anymore when you want to renew your plates!

You will have more than likely seen the impressive glass and brick atrium that is the Conexus ( and Century 21) building on Circle Drive, next to Home Depot and Tim Hortons. Go inside the main doors and head to the right and you will find the Conexus Insuance office. Landry heads up the office in Saskatoon, and he is not the kind of Manager that sits in his ‘ivory tower’ …Sara the owner/founder of Trusted went in one afternoon over a lunch hour to drop off some door/window stickers and to personally welcome Conexus to the Trusted Family, and at that time there was no one on the reception desk, the only person she saw was a lady in a cubicle who was obviously busy helping a customer on the phone, within 30seconds Landry appeared around the corner smiling and came to see if he could help me…how refreshing!

There is a warm vibe in the office, and you can tell that everyone enjoys doing what they do, and they do it well….they really appreciate the Trust their clients extend them and they certainly don’t take it for granted…they work hard to provide the best possible service and Insurance cover options they can, and this was reinforced when we spoke to their clients during the survey portion of the Trusted qualification process. All of the clients surveyed were thrilled with Conexus and really had some wonderful things to say about the people they dealt with ..check out their listing here to read for yourself!

Welcome Conexus Insurance our Third and final TRUSTED INSURANCE listing on our Saskatoon directory of Safe and Trusted businesses…you deserve the ‘ Thumbs up’ !


All of our Trusted businesses go throught he same rigourous process to be eligible for promotion on our Trustedwebsites...(which you can read about here) this means there is NO risk to the consumer...just Safe and Trusted Saskatoon businesses at your fingertips..all contracted to the 5 Trusted Guarantees:

1.Provide the service and quality promised.

2.Complete the job on time.

3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

We also had 3 Trusted Regina listings go live on this week. Dangstorp Dental Group became our Trusted Dentists on the Regina Directory. Click here to read their listings and read the testimonials from their clients! Welcome Dangstorp Dental to the Trusted Family!

Trusted is now a member of the CFIB as are many of our Trusted partners.  For over 40 years, they have represented the interests of the small business community to all three levels of government in their fight for tax fairness, reasonable labour laws and reduction of regulatory paper burden...this in turn helps support the local entrepreneurs that generally make up the majority of the Trusted businesses in supporting small business we are ensuring that customer service remains THE focus..which we all know is often times lacking in the 'big box' stores. 

Thats all for now..stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course! welcomes our Trusted Dental Group to the Regina Directory. We brag about Dangstorp Dental! is adding new listings to the Regina Directory every week, and we hope it won't be long before we can launch the directory to the people with our huge mass media marketing campaign. Regina deserves to have access to these amazing businesses and we are thrilled to be partnering with the most amazing and trustworthy businesses in the Queen City.  Our latest 3 listings are no different...lets tell you who they are and why they were ' Given the Thumbs up' by

Dangstorp Dental

Dangstorp Dental Group came highly recommended to Trusted by the people of Regina, and they certainly deserve the recognition. They offer 3 great locations around the city- Northgate Mall, Lakeshore and most recently Emerald Park, so if you live in Regina, there is definitely a surgery nearby. Check out the listings here to read what wonderful things their clients said about them for yourself.

Dangstorp Dental is named after Dr Deryl Dangstorp who heads up the excellent Dangstorp team. Dr Deryl himself has very impressive credentials, and this was showcased in very spectacular fashion in 2007 when he was approached by the producers of the popular TV series ‘ Canada’s Next Top Model’ to enhance the smile of the seasons eventual winner Rebecca Hardy ( who hails from Ontario).

Dr Deryl and his staff had to sign a confidentiality agreement and were bound to absolute secrecy when Ms Hardy and the Canada’s next Top Model film crew came to town, as the work was getting done a few days before the final episode aired, where Rebecca was revealed as the seasons winner (she won a $100,000 modeling contract along with the illustrious title!). Rebecca had 20 new porcelain veneers fitted and now has a show stopping smile (that doesn’t look ‘false at all’ –see for yourself below!). So impressed were the Canada’s Next Top Model team with Dr Dangstorp’s work, that the shows Outgoing host Jay Manuel had his own broad grin perfected by Dangstorp Dental too!! Read the full story here:

Like the owner of the Trusted Dentist group in Saskatoon (Saskatoon Smiles, Dentistry on Queen and Lakewood dental) Dr Wes Antosh, Dr Deryl Dangstorp is continually educating himself on the industries newest and most cutting edge techniques and he has attended the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Click here to read all of the benefits this offers to patients. Beyond the world class cosmetic dentistry that Dangstorp Dental Group offers you, they also do an excellent job of looking after their patients overall Dental Health. The surgeries boast the best equipment and the friendly, professional staff (Dentists, technicians, assistants and reception staff alike) make it their mission to ensure that you leave their surgery smiling with the best smile possible! Welcome Dangstorp dental our TRUSTED REGINA DENTISTS on our Reginas directory of Safe and Trusted businesses…you deserve the ‘ Thumbs up’


All of our Trusted businesses go throught he same rigourous process to be eligible for promotion on our Trustedwebsites...(which you can read about here) this means there is NO risk to the consumer...just Safe and Trusted Regina businesses at your fingertips..all contracted to the 5 Trusted Guarantees:

1.Provide the service and quality promised.

2.Complete the job on time.

3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

We also had another Trusted Saskatoon Insurance  company join this week. Conexus Insurance became our 3rd and Final listing on the Saskatoon Directory. Click here to read their listing and to read the testimonial from their clients! Welcome Conexus Insurance to the Trusted Family!

Rebecca Hardy Canadas next Top Model 2007: Smile provided by Dangstorp Dental!

Trusted is now a member of the CFIB as are many of our Trusted partners. For over 40 years, they have represented the interests of the small business community to all three levels of government in their fight for tax fairness, reasonable labour laws and reduction of regulatory paper burden...this in turn helps support the local entrepreneurs that generally make up the majority of the Trusted businesses in supporting small business we are ensuring that customer service remains THE focus..which we all know is often times lacking in the 'big box' stores.

Thats all for now stay Trusted my friends....Safe and Trusted of course!

Trusted brags about the FINAL Tire company on Trusted Saskatoon .com directory

Trusted loves to brag about great businesses and tell people why they should choose these local Trusted companies when a need arises…who has time for all that research anymore…people are so busy juggling work, family( kids and / or aging parents) , social commitments…even grocery shopping seems to be so time consuming these days…your free time is precious and the last thing you want to do is to spend it trying to work out who to choose/ contact when you have a need in a category that you are unskilled in/ unfamiliar with or perhaps just have no one that springs to mind for the right reasons!

Well stress no more! Trusted is here to save you time, stress, hassle and maybe even money…we do all that running around, checking ( and re checking on an ongoing basis ) so YOU DON'T HAVE TO! We care about your needs and we guarantee you will have a positive experience with the wonderful businesses that do pass our rigorous checks to be awarded the ‘Thumbs up’ in your city!


‘Honestly driven’ that’s what they advertise at OK Tire and we had clients of theirs tell us that was definitely the experience they had! Trusted even double checked and we solicited the opinion of  Kelvins Wheel, Tire and Polish, another of our Trusted Saskatoon Tire businesses…which may seem odd, but Trusted clients are not concerned about competition within their category, they just care that the other businesses are run well and with integrity, otherwise they will tarnish the reputation of Trusted and what it stands for….so quite often they nominate good businesses like OK Tire to us! The Kelvins team were happy to give OK Tire the Thumbs up…and they should know!

The 3 OK Tire locations in the city are locally owned and operated by Mid-west group of companies. Ken Achs is the President and CEO, and he was born and educated in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan and is the personification of the western entrepreneur. In 1964, an interest in cars developed into a successful auto body and parts business. By the mid-1960’s, the success of that business allowed an investment in real estate and so began Mid-West Development and eventually the Mid-West Group. Today, Mid-West is diversified with its primary business in real estate development/property management and financing in western Canada and the western USA. The automotive division of the corporate group consists of O.K. Tire stores and several other businesses in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Ken and his wife (and business partner) Colleen Wilson call Saskatoon home and give back in many ways to the community.

When you go to any of the 3 OK Tire locations around the city you are not taking a risk…check out their listing here to read what their loyal customers had to say about them  From helping you select the most appropriate tires for your vehicle ad you budget, and did you know O.K. Tire locations are complete "Under The Car" service centers. What they mean by that is that all of your brake, suspension, exhaust service, along with your tire service you expected, can be handled by a certified mechanic at an O.K. Tire & Auto Service location. Saskatoon O.K. Tire locations also offer full mechanical services for complete vehicle maintenance such as batteries, oil changes & lubes, air-conditioning, computerized Diagnostic Service and tune ups. Some locations also offer SGI safety inspections! Nows the time to get in to OK Tire to get your vehicle ready for the Winter conditions that are just around the corner!

Welcome OK Tire as our final Trusted Saskatoon directory Tire store .



Trusted welcomes our 1st Trusted Bathroom business and our 1st Trusted Auto Repair & Service Business aswell as our 2nd Trusted Auto Dealer on THE Regina directory of the peoples choice!

What a crazy week for the Trusted crew, as we keep ourselves busy meeting with amazing businesses around the province that have been recommended and nominated by YOU the public, who we are here to serve…

Here is an example of the kind of nominations we receive daily..

Subject: Saskatoon Website Business Nomination

Comments: I visited Saskatoon recently and heard your radio ads, as i thought your website sounded like an excellent idea...when are you coming to Calgary? I stayed at The Delta Bessborough and had an excellent experience at The Damara Day good as anywhere I have been, and they are new, you should have them on your site . Thank you for providing Trusted it really is an excellent resource for visitors and i am guessing residents alike. Your city really is starting to have a buzz! A Happy tourist from Alberta.

We also get a lot of feedback from the public after they choose a Trusted business...see below..

Saskatoon Website Comments from: Trish Voldeng Comments: I take auto repairs to Glenwood, they are fantastic. Rob just put on a ladies car care clinic and all the staff were really encouraging to us ladies to do some hands on with our vehicles. I trust these guys completely with my auto needs. Thanks.

Trusted appreciates when you take the time to tell us about good businesses…either through the website’s contact us/ nominate a business  or through our social media on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Keep the positive spirit going, and remember that our belief is that good businesses deserve promotion…by doing that Trusted will eventually influence all businesses in all of our Trusted cities to raise their standards!

Talking about great businesses we have 2 new Trusted Regina businesses to brag about today, and they all definitely deserve the promotion and exposure to the public that we are going to shower upon them.

BATHFITTER REGINA our first Trusted Regina Bathroom business on the Regina Directory

Look at the listing here and you will see how professional and amazing Bath Fitter are ..hey. Shell Busey DOESN'T endorse just anyone ( we like Shell for that..he definitely gets the ' Thumbs up ' from Trusted) ..but we have to admit that Bath Fitters standards actually put Trusted’s verification and checking procedure (which is THE MOST RIGOROUS in the world of advertising) in the shade!!!

The time and effort spent by this company checking that it is doing the right thing and improving anything they are not pretty much INSTANTLY made our jaw drop!!! Survey customers like we do ....OH YES..not just once but 4 TIMES throughout the process.......Mystery shopper program?? Like you wouldn't believe...not just once but at every stage of the Bath Fitter sales process...from the telephone call to show room to the install…seriously people Bath Fitter IS THE most customer driven business ( by Head Office MANDATE) that we have ever encountered...and that is GREAT news for YOU their potential clients!

I am so happy to tell you that Randy and the team in Regina regularly score 100% on all of these checks.....WOW…that means they are on their game 24/ 7 ....Bath Fitter Saskatchewan (as Saskatoon and Regina operations are owned by the same company) are one of the highest rated Bath Fitter organizations in Canada.....and they have awards for Customer service displayed in both offices.

Trusted are beyond thrilled that they are a part of our Trusted revolution...but know that this philosophy of ours is not new to them...Thank you Randy and the team for being a part of what WE are trying to do ..we confidently endorse you and your people.. .. they do all this AND can transform your bathroom in a day, and we are pretty confident that you will be surprised at all of the options available to you to choose from...and you should see the gift bag you get as part of their customer appreciation ...What a wonderful first Bathroom listing for  

TITAN AUTO our 1st Trusted Regina Auto Service & Repair and our 2nd Regina Auto Dealer

USED car dealers as a category definitely fall high in the HORROR STORIES that consumers tell…Just type Used Car dealer Horror into GOOGLE and you will see plenty of evidence of it .A site call has a big list of real life stories that they share ,so Trusted knew that if we found a Trusted USED car dealer that could pass our tests that we could really promote them and have a significant impact on their business….and not only do Titan excell at Used Auto sales, but they have an excellent service department too! This is good for everyone in Regina, but ESPECIALLY for Women customers, who are extremely wary of USED Auto Dealers and Auto Repair & Service shops ..Women generally steer clear from FEAR of being ripped off, due to lack of knowledge!

We are pleased to report that Titan Auto passed our tests with Flying colors…and all the RISKS normally associated with buying a car are negated due to our verification process, because Rob (the Manager of Titan) signed a contract to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees like all of our Trusted Partners and because Trusted knows they genuinely want to provide the best service possible..we know because we spoke to their clients who were randomly surveyed ..they have a good model to follow next door at Mercedes (our 1st Trusted Auto Dealer) …and they are both owned by the same owner, Rick, who runs both businesses with the same principals.

Titan are conveniently located on Broad Street, and if you haven’t been in before we think you will be pretty impressed by their airy showroom, helpful and happy staff , excellent range of vehicle inventory and their polite and organized service department. We also suggest you try out their new coffee, hot drinks machine….so many options…and all GOOD, which really does make a difference….it means they care about looking after you while you are waiting!

So if you are shopping for a used vehicle or if you have problems with your existing ride and need to find a Trusted Auto Service & Repair shop, or even if you need new rims, tires or vehicle accessories, we definitely would urge you to go to Titan first…we guarantee you WILL NOT Regret it! Check out the Auto Dealer listing here and the Auto Service & Repair here

Welcome Rob and the Titan team, we are looking forward to working with you and promoting you , and you definitely deserve the  'Thumbs up’ from


Reginas ONLY Trusted Used Auto Dealer



  Trusted and a great value!! 



 NICE TRansformation Bath Fitter!



So, that makes 10 live listings in 9 categories ..and lots more to come soon  ..we can't WAIT to launch to the public until this point they have never had a directory that works for them , full of SAFE and TRUSTED businesses that offer them absolute Guarantees!

Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE and TRUSTED of course!

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