Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted welcomes our 1st Trusted Bathroom business and our 1st Trusted Auto Repair & Service Business aswell as our 2nd Trusted Auto Dealer on THE Regina directory of the peoples choice!

What a crazy week for the Trusted crew, as we keep ourselves busy meeting with amazing businesses around the province that have been recommended and nominated by YOU the public, who we are here to serve…

Here is an example of the kind of nominations we receive daily..

Subject: Saskatoon Website Business Nomination

Comments: I visited Saskatoon recently and heard your radio ads, as i thought your website sounded like an excellent idea...when are you coming to Calgary? I stayed at The Delta Bessborough and had an excellent experience at The Damara Day good as anywhere I have been, and they are new, you should have them on your site . Thank you for providing Trusted it really is an excellent resource for visitors and i am guessing residents alike. Your city really is starting to have a buzz! A Happy tourist from Alberta.

We also get a lot of feedback from the public after they choose a Trusted business...see below..

Saskatoon Website Comments from: Trish Voldeng Comments: I take auto repairs to Glenwood, they are fantastic. Rob just put on a ladies car care clinic and all the staff were really encouraging to us ladies to do some hands on with our vehicles. I trust these guys completely with my auto needs. Thanks.

Trusted appreciates when you take the time to tell us about good businesses…either through the website’s contact us/ nominate a business  or through our social media on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Keep the positive spirit going, and remember that our belief is that good businesses deserve promotion…by doing that Trusted will eventually influence all businesses in all of our Trusted cities to raise their standards!

Talking about great businesses we have 2 new Trusted Regina businesses to brag about today, and they all definitely deserve the promotion and exposure to the public that we are going to shower upon them.

BATHFITTER REGINA our first Trusted Regina Bathroom business on the Regina Directory

Look at the listing here and you will see how professional and amazing Bath Fitter are ..hey. Shell Busey DOESN'T endorse just anyone ( we like Shell for that..he definitely gets the ' Thumbs up ' from Trusted) ..but we have to admit that Bath Fitters standards actually put Trusted’s verification and checking procedure (which is THE MOST RIGOROUS in the world of advertising) in the shade!!!

The time and effort spent by this company checking that it is doing the right thing and improving anything they are not pretty much INSTANTLY made our jaw drop!!! Survey customers like we do ....OH YES..not just once but 4 TIMES throughout the process.......Mystery shopper program?? Like you wouldn't believe...not just once but at every stage of the Bath Fitter sales process...from the telephone call to show room to the install…seriously people Bath Fitter IS THE most customer driven business ( by Head Office MANDATE) that we have ever encountered...and that is GREAT news for YOU their potential clients!

I am so happy to tell you that Randy and the team in Regina regularly score 100% on all of these checks.....WOW…that means they are on their game 24/ 7 ....Bath Fitter Saskatchewan (as Saskatoon and Regina operations are owned by the same company) are one of the highest rated Bath Fitter organizations in Canada.....and they have awards for Customer service displayed in both offices.

Trusted are beyond thrilled that they are a part of our Trusted revolution...but know that this philosophy of ours is not new to them...Thank you Randy and the team for being a part of what WE are trying to do ..we confidently endorse you and your people.. .. they do all this AND can transform your bathroom in a day, and we are pretty confident that you will be surprised at all of the options available to you to choose from...and you should see the gift bag you get as part of their customer appreciation ...What a wonderful first Bathroom listing for  

TITAN AUTO our 1st Trusted Regina Auto Service & Repair and our 2nd Regina Auto Dealer

USED car dealers as a category definitely fall high in the HORROR STORIES that consumers tell…Just type Used Car dealer Horror into GOOGLE and you will see plenty of evidence of it .A site call has a big list of real life stories that they share ,so Trusted knew that if we found a Trusted USED car dealer that could pass our tests that we could really promote them and have a significant impact on their business….and not only do Titan excell at Used Auto sales, but they have an excellent service department too! This is good for everyone in Regina, but ESPECIALLY for Women customers, who are extremely wary of USED Auto Dealers and Auto Repair & Service shops ..Women generally steer clear from FEAR of being ripped off, due to lack of knowledge!

We are pleased to report that Titan Auto passed our tests with Flying colors…and all the RISKS normally associated with buying a car are negated due to our verification process, because Rob (the Manager of Titan) signed a contract to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees like all of our Trusted Partners and because Trusted knows they genuinely want to provide the best service possible..we know because we spoke to their clients who were randomly surveyed ..they have a good model to follow next door at Mercedes (our 1st Trusted Auto Dealer) …and they are both owned by the same owner, Rick, who runs both businesses with the same principals.

Titan are conveniently located on Broad Street, and if you haven’t been in before we think you will be pretty impressed by their airy showroom, helpful and happy staff , excellent range of vehicle inventory and their polite and organized service department. We also suggest you try out their new coffee, hot drinks machine….so many options…and all GOOD, which really does make a difference….it means they care about looking after you while you are waiting!

So if you are shopping for a used vehicle or if you have problems with your existing ride and need to find a Trusted Auto Service & Repair shop, or even if you need new rims, tires or vehicle accessories, we definitely would urge you to go to Titan first…we guarantee you WILL NOT Regret it! Check out the Auto Dealer listing here and the Auto Service & Repair here

Welcome Rob and the Titan team, we are looking forward to working with you and promoting you , and you definitely deserve the  'Thumbs up’ from


Reginas ONLY Trusted Used Auto Dealer



  Trusted and a great value!! 



 NICE TRansformation Bath Fitter!



So, that makes 10 live listings in 9 categories ..and lots more to come soon  ..we can't WAIT to launch to the public until this point they have never had a directory that works for them , full of SAFE and TRUSTED businesses that offer them absolute Guarantees!

Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE and TRUSTED of course!

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