Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Regina welcomes our first Trusted Regina Auto Dealer and our first Trusted Regina Kitchen Countertop business to the Regina directory

Trusted is thrilled to be bragging about 2 more fantastic Trusted partners who have passed the strict verification process with flying colors, they are the most recent of 75 businesses in Saskatchewan  to be given the thumbs up by and , and we have many more great businesses going through the process to follow them and we hope to have at least another 12 businesses live before the end of won't be long before we hit the magic 100!

 Lets tell you about both of our new Trusted partners , starting with our first Trusted Regina Auto dealer:

Mercedes Benz of Regina

What a prestigious Auto Dealer to start the Regina category..and they certainly deserve the recognition and the reputation that they have worked hard to achieve. Mereced Benz of Regina is  very impressive in everyway, from the beautiful spacious galss building on Broad Street filled with vehicles you would love nothing more than to park on your own driveway at the warm and friendly staff that don't have the ' aloofness' that is tangible when walking into some higher end car dealerships we have been into in the past.. the staff are professional and very approachable , they make no assumptions about you when they walk in  ( and believe us, the vehicle that we pulled up in was NO Mercedes !), as you browse around they make sure you have all your needs attended to without being ' pushy'... which is refreshing.

 When you think of the Mercedes brand certain shapes, colors and words flood the mind , and these all come together just as you had imagined them when you click onto the Mercedes Regina Website    LUXURY-ICON-CLASSIC are the words that flash across the homepage, that's adorned with sleek images... Mercedes-Benz of Regina's automotive expertise is a product of their sustained interest in industry trends and characteristics. They feel privileged to share the latest news, promotions and events with you and hope the information will enhance your shopping experience. As you know, there are many new cars from which to choose, and they strongly believe an informed customer is the best customer.

Rick the owner is often in to greet loyal and new clients alike, he is a very respected and successful business man in the city , and he ensures that the integrity of his companies mission statement is carried through in each department and throughout every interaction and transaction with their clients and potential clients from beginning to end.  This is clearly proven when you read their listing on the Regina directory here , you will notice the outstanding testimonials from the clients that we surveyed , 12 out of 10 is always a good indicator when you ask someone to rate a business out of 10! What every single client told us was that the relationship just began with the first sale didn't end fact it got better,  as every interaction afterwards has been faultless ..wether with the service department, the shuttle drivers, the managers, or the owner himself ..they are all invested in your satisfaction. It makes us want to go and mystery shop them to experience it for ourselves..perhaps that means we can take one of those fancysports cars out for a test drive ... Welcome Mercedes Benz of Regina..our first Trusted Regina Auto and all of your staff are setting a highstandard for all that follow you!

P.S. Rick, if you want to give us one of these SLK 2012's for a month or so ( too icy after ) we would be OK with that!



CNG Stone Products

Another wonderful addition to the Trusted Regina Directory is CNG Stone Products , they are situated on Scarth Street and are open 7 days a week ( Sunday by appointment ) to better serve you ..we are all so busy today and having weekend hours and flexibility is great ...Scott Tresek, the owner, has a great personality and it is obvious that he sincerely cares about his fact when Renee and Sara from Trusted were in  presenting to him, we discussed what is expected of a Trusted partner , and when we were reading through the 5 Trusted Guarantees he was nodding along furiously ..." thats how we run this business" he said "I couldn't sleep at night if I felt a client was let down or unhappy with me,I really couldn't" ...Renee and I looked at each other and smiled ..we can always tell a Trusted business when we witness sincerity like that. is amazing how many of our Trusted partners would have said exactly the same thing,and we knew then that CNG Stone defintely belonged on . However after contracts are signed every business has to go through the verification / application procedure ..which is a pass or fail ...once we started speaking to CNG Stones Products we knew that they were going to pass easily....funny the first client we called gave them a 12 out of 10 ..same as Mercedes.. How fitting that the listings go live on the same day and share the same blog! Cllck on the listing here to read Janice Cain's testimonial and the other 4 that we added to the listing ...difficult to choose which ones to use when they are all so great!

The bottom line here is, that CNG stone tick all the boxes when it comes to providing countertops.... kitchens, bathrooms at home or at work..they have a VAST selection to choose from, they know all the answers to your questions, the showroom and their attractive and well laid out website give you inspiration, ideas and choices to suit any project you could throw at them..the boss is great, the staff are friendly, skillful, helpfull and hard working and all together that equals a great experience for YOU the consumer...that is what Trusted is all about ..Happy customers..NO risks and a positive , stressless buying experience! Thats why and truly are ' The Smart and Simple Choice' when it comes to a Directory we offer Safe and Trusted choices to all GUARANTEED!

Here is a recent CNG stone Product job to admire for yourself...NICE kitchen!! Welcome to Scott and the CNG team ..we are proud to have you as a Trusted Regina Partner!


Stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course!  

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