Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted brags about our third and final Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder Campbell Homes our latest business to get ' The Thumbs up' on the Saskatoon Directory!

Trusted is thrilled to be welcoming Campbell Homes to as our third and final Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder, and we can't wait to brag about them, and tell you what sets them apart from ' the rest' and why you are Safe choosing any of the 3 Trusted Saskatoon Home Builders on  . but first lets talk about why trusting your homebuilder is VITAL.

Buying a home is generally the biggest purchase you will make, and BUILDING a home is many peoples dream.....but unfortunately all too often that dream turns into a nightmare ..just type ' Home Builder Horror Stories' or 'Home Building Nightmares' into Google ..and you will see the sites dedicated to these horrific stories of peoples experiences building a really is almost enough to put you off even starting the process in the first place. We even found a website that was created JUST to describe all of the terrible experiences one family called the Stutlers in the USA had with their Home here  to link to their site .

There are so many things that can go wrong when building a home ...not least because so many different trades are involved ..and without careful and meticulous planning between all of these different trades ( sometimes different companies all together) communication fails and costs start to escalate...then to keep things on budget corners can get cut....the snowball starts rolling down the hill and good luck trying to stop it!  

Fortunately the 3 Home Builders we give ' The thumbs up'  to on are safe and trusted fact they are contracted to the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES which you can read by going to the website link ... 1 of the Guarantees is : Charge the Price Quoted with NO surprises ...all of a sudden a big risk is taken away..that together with the checking and re-checking that Trusted does ( which makes us UNIQUE in the world of directories..and advertising as a whole) on our Trusted businesses makes your choice of a Trusted Saskatoon Homebuilder to be an excellent one.

Campbell Homes

Campbell Homes came highly recommended to us...and it may surprise you that we were WARNED off more builders than we were recommended home builders even here in a smaller city like Saskatoon, where word gets around , there are far too many bad experiences that poeple can tell you about.

Campbell Homes however  did not come with any warnings attached, in fact when we called to survey their clients from the list of 25 clients names and numbers that Roger Grona,(the Sales Manager at Campbell ..who, by the way is a great guy to deal with) provided us with as part of the Trusted verification and checking procedure ( ALL of the Trusted business have to go through this process to be accepted as a Trusted business) ...every single person we spoke to had WONDERFUL things to say about Campbell, and how they go above and beyond for them before..during and AFTER the house is built.....IF you are thinking of building a home the AFTERCARE can be the most vital part ....the warranty should be there to protect you ..but all too often people are let down by the home builders after when something goes wrong, and they try to ' put problems' off..or just do'temporary fixes'until the warranty period is over........NOT the case with Campbell Homes don't call them if something goes wrong ..they call you check how things are going ...they make sure to walk through the house with you to check everything over before you move in AND before the warranty period is over .....this is part of what they do...why? Because they CARE ..they take real pride in the homes they build, and they consider each one to be as important as the next....on their website they CLEARLY state their intention..and in doing so you can see exactly what kind of personalites are involved in the company and what motivates them is an excerpt from the COMPANY PROFILE Section of their website :

 "We understand that our organization is one of service, and that the competition is ever present, that words are weak and performance is remembered; our future depends on our ability to be reliable and professional while providing the highest standards of excellence in service and quality."

You can also go to their website Testimonial section here to read what their clients say is just one example: 

"We stayed in our new home last night! Thanks for your patience working with us and creating a great place to call our home. The Campbell Homes team did a remarkable job from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with our home. When we were looking for a builder, the quality of your work stood out in your show home and we see the same attention to detail and pride in your work at our place. The building time was incredible and combined with high end quality makes a strong statement about Campbell Homes. Thanks for the gift basket at closing day. Thanks again for a job well done." Mike, Yvonne, Cale & Casey

Jason Campbell, the owner, started the company in 1996 and he realized early on that a solid reputation is earned. He continually strives to exceed customer's expectations one home at a time by providing each client with the individual attention required to transform their dreams into reality. As he said " attention to detail & construction quality, combined with our personalized customer service have formed the cornerstones of our success."

Check out their Trusted listing here and read the testimonials Trusted took from clients that we suveryed....with the knowledge that we are NOT bias towards them for any other reason than that they passed our Trusted tests with flying colors and deserve our promotion and endorsement..we are PROUD to have Campbell Homes on board and we can assure you that your experience with them will be a POSITIVE one!  

We welcome Jason, Roger , Gary, Colin, Jeff, Gwen , Gary and Dennis..the Campbell 'Trusted team'



 The inside of a Campbell home...Go to their website to take a virtual tour for yourself today!

WE have lots of listings for Regina pending final we will be back soon to brag about them...

Stay Trusted my friends...Safe and Trusted of course! 



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