Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted tells you about some changes, some news and a few other cool things their Trusted Partners in Saskatoon are up to!

Trusted has lots of things going on across the province in the next few weeks....and is very happy to be able to introduce our latest team member who has just come on board this week. Welcome to Michelle Staruiala our 3rd Trusted Consultant. Michelle lives in Regina and is a HUGE fan of Trusted and what it stands for, as a single Mum of 3 older kids, she has had times in her life when businesses have let her down and she really values what a great service to the public Trusted is! MIchelle is eager to get out into her home city of Regina and start contacting businesses she has had great exeriences with, so she can help them grow and prosper by investing in their wonderful reputations with . If you are reading this and know some businesses that deserve promotion in Regina, go to any of the categories that don't have listings and NOMINATE a business..a link is provided! Michelle, Trusted is proud to have you on our team and we know your passion, drive and work ethic will serve Trusted well!

If you are a regular user of Trusted you may have already noticed that there have been some slight category changes happening since we started, either because we had requests and nominations, we found issues with the industry sector ( Cell phones) or we re-thought the categories & expanded them to include more options for the end user...because YOU are our priority after all. The final changes have been made and they are as follows....Carpet cleaning & cleaning services has been changed to just CLEANING SERVICES( to allow everything from maid service, carpet cleaning, furnace cleaners,auto detail, cleaning supplies options..therefore a way better category )..we are thrilled to be adding our first  Trusted business in there REALLY this space! Contractors & Renovations has been split into CONTRACTORS ( GENERAL) and RENOVATIONS & DESIGN ( it is the most viewed catgeory with 1000's of views since the website went live) and we wanted to offer more targeted options for the end user. The Contractors tend to be more specialised , like 3 n'1 Construction in Saskatoon who specialise in roofing, framing etc.. and the Renovations and Design category has businesses that do renos ( basements, kitchens and big jobs from start to finish ) ..and we included DESIGN as they go hand in hand ..Our clients have been enjoying great results from the site and Trusted is now the most used Online Directory in Saskatoon....we have had well over 5000 visitors since we launched, and we have had a staggering 40,000+ page views....which means people LOVE what they see! Let our Trusted partners know you selected them from Trusted and that you appreciate them putting themselves 'Out there' ..they deserve the promotion and they do their best to ensure you have a great experience with them!

Here is some news/ cool stuff about a few of our partners  that we want to tell you about this week.

  1. SUPERIOR AUTO BODY has now got a website :

Click here to check it out! Monty and the crew at Superior Auto body are awesome and make the entire process smooth and easy from beginning to end...Sara the Trusted founder has been unfortunate / fortunate enough to know for herself how good they are .... she is an Immigrant from UK and still struggles with driving in the snow and ice after being here 5years....this is one of the many reasons Trusted advertises to immigrants and newcomers as a great resouce for them ..settling in a new city, new country is hard enough...but having emergency situations is even more stressful , and having a site like which ONLY offers good businesses is a  extremly valuable. ( and advertising to immigrants that can't drive in the snow is a very smart idea for Auto Body shops especially!:) ).       

Welcome to the web Monty!! Here he is giving the Thumbs up outside the shop!As they say " When We Get Through it's just like NEW" and has many more listings going up next week and many more cool things to announce about community involvement, contests on Facebook ( if you are not a fan of trustedsaskatoon on Face Book you are missing out on al the AWESOME prizes to events and and MORE every month) and cool and new info from our wonderful Trusted Clients!  Thanks to all who supprted the Child Find Saskatchewan Dr Draw Benefit concert ..what a show that was!

We are asking for nominations of great businesses in the following categories:

Cleaning servces, Health & Wellness Outdoor Living and Recreation and Photography & Framing, Caterers, Salons, Spas & Window Coverings in Saskatoon ..only send the best ..other directories list the rest!   

Enjoy what is possibly the last week of Summer ...and stay Trusted my friends ..Safe and Trusted of course

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