Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trustedsaskatoon brags about Decora Homes, JonesE .. Saskatoons NewTrusted Home Builder & Landscape & Yard services

The Trusted team are working around the clock to keep up with demand as the May 30th Saskatoon MASS MEDIA  launch date  gets closer and closer...we are seeing businesses everyday and filling up the categories daily..remember there are a maximum 3 in each we know too much choice can be a problem too!

We cannot WAIT to introduce you to all these AMAZING Trusted businesses ........we are honored to have them on our site..they are going to strengthen our brand and more importantly ensure that we provide excellent Trusted businesses for all of your fingertips!

With all the media excitement a week or so has passed since JonesE, Decora Homes and Capelli came on the site..we would love to tell you why they were selected and what they have to offer you..funny thing they all have in common is that they are all married couples that are the owners!

1. JonesE Property Maintenance

The owners of Jonese  Scott and Karen Jones are simply outstanding individuals , and we are thrilled to have them on our Trusted Saskatoon site.

They have built up their business over the last 7+ years on word of mouth, recommendations, hard work, networking, flexibility and the ' can do' entrepreneur attitude that sets a great business apart from the rest. When clients ask them to go the extra mile, or ask if they can provide a new service they try their best to do whatever they can to make that client happy.  They started off just doing domestic exterior house cleaning..and now offer services ranging from Seasonal Lawn care, Yard tidy up ( Spring, fall..and anywhere in between) , pressure washing of exterior and drive ways , eaves trough and window cleaning domestic maid service, commercial and retail exterior cleaning contracts and they recently introduced a 'House watch program' for clients who go away on vacation for prolonged periods in the winter and might need their driveway cleared of snow, their furnace checked or their alarm reset.....WOW ..they CARE ..and it shows. Trusted is so happy to have them on board, as we have been BIG fans of JonesE for a long time and are glad to promote them to Saskatoon. RIGHT NOW if you go and become FANS of their JonesE Property Maintenance  facebook page you can win prizes by watching out for their company vehicles!!!! If you spot the JonesE truck text 222-1293 the location, your name, and 1 Service you know they do the most text win @ the end of the month. Tell your friends to be on the look out and they too can win!!  Check out their Trusted  Listing in Landsacpae and yard services here

Karen & Scott Jones all clean and posh! 

2.DECORA HOMES What beautiful..beautiful can see the pride and care that they take when you look at the pictures ...but we challenge you to go and see one of their show may find yourself unable to stop dreaming about it...and if you ARE thinking about building you better make sure that Decora are on your list of MUST see's...they build each home as if they were building their own, which is why they have many fans in the contractor and design trades....that should tell you alot! Decora Homes specialize in homes built to meet YOUR custom requirements. They have many years of experience in the construction industry and take pride in working with you to design a home which best suits you and your family. Your home will be built to reflect your personality and lifestyle...and they will make the actual process of building ( that many/ most find a nightmare) smooth and enjoyable They pay attention to detail and build with passion. They unleash creativity and search for new ideas and concepts to make them truly unique and rare..and they have the idea of creating a very limited number of homes each year so they are building a great reputation for distinctive design and spectacular detail..see their listing here



...Wow ..2 great new Trusted businesses for ..and 2 more are up and live this week a day or two we'll introduce you to the WONDERFUL KTS Custom Cabinets in Kitchen and the Lovely and Professional Chris Paradi s the final Trusted Saskatoon Mortage listing! 

Keep checking in we have ....oooooooo..20 or so more listings coming really soon! EXCITING times to be Trusted!

We promote the best ..let the other directories list the rest!

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