Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trustedsaskatoon $1000 Cash giveaway contest closes tonight and we tell you about our FIRST Trusted businesses in the Saskatoon CATERING and WINDOW COVERINGS categories

Trustedsaskatoon Facebook fans have a chance to win $1000 CASH from Trusted..but they have to get their entries in by midnight tonight( Sunday 5th) . The contest is pretty straightforward :

The fans must enter by going to contact us section and email us their entries from there.

There are 2 ways to win:



EACH winner will receive $500 CASH..Entries must be in by MIDNIGHT if you are a fan and haven't entered yet...HURRY!

We have had some wonderful ...and HORRIFIC true stories so far, and will share them with you next week!

Now lets brag about our 3 new Trusted companies..they are all the first Trusted businesses in their categories and they set HIGH standards indeed for any others that wish to join them.

1. Schryers Smoked BBQ Shack Catering

Our first Trusted catering listing in saskatoon!

REAL SMOKE..REAL's got to be Schchyers..and isn't that the truth..if you haven't been to their restaurant up on Millar avenue yet, you are missing out..them that have, will agree that it simply smells delicious and the food is superb and excellent value. Jon Schyrer has the enviable title of ' PIT MASTER' and he has been providing the best slow smoked, finger licking, mouth watering menu in the city for over a year now at the restaurant..before then, he and his brother Matt were regulars on the ' festival circuit' and they were easy to spot because of the long line ups that always followed them! If you are catering an event and want to make sure that it's a hit..well..don't look any further ..from slow smoked pulled pork, amazing RIBS ( including their famous FLINTSTONE says it all)  to a show stopping WHOLE SUCKLING SMOKED HOG ( with an apple in it's mouth of course ) they can provide exactly what you suit your needs, event size and your budget..your guests will be full and satisfied...and your event will have just become that bit more memorable because you chose to have Schryers cater it. 

Click here for their catering menu..or just call in and chat to Matt or Jon at the restaurant ( and sample some of their smoked poutine while you are there....naughty but oh so good!)

Here is Jon - PIT MASTER- Schryer doing what he does best...mmmmm



2. Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds are our first WINDOW COVERINGS listing on and WOW they are good. They are situated in the same area as Schryers in the business mall on Millar Ave North..and they can furfill all of your window covering fantasies! REALLY...they have ideas and options that you never even thought of..and wether you are looking for cute black out blinds for a nursery to ornate and fancy curtains for a large great room window, Kim and the team will make it their mission to provide you with the best options possible, and they really will go out of the way to ensure that you get what you want in the time frame you want it. After the client survey portion of the Trusted verification procedure we knew that our initial thoughts were correct when they were rated a perfect 10/ 10 from every single person surveyed ( Well done! ), which is outstanding...and just this week they have been endorsed again in our Trusted contest that we are running .....who knows they might win that person $500 CASH!   To read that endorsement  and all the other contest entries check in to our blog next week ..if you want to read other clients testimonials just go to their listing here  and read them for yourself! Budget Blinds are absolutely Trusted and approved...make them your FIRST stop on your window coverings search.

Trusted promotes the best..other directories just list the rest!

Nominate business that YOU TRUST by going to our contact us section here and hit the 'Nominate and business' button.

We also have  a new Team member to introduce you to , as we take on our first Trusted consultant. Heather Boyko has her first day tomorrow in Saskatoon , and she is just thrilled to be on board..she can't wait to go and see all the businesses that she trusts and share the opportunity with them to be involved. Heather is customer focused and excels in building solid relationships with her clients..and she has a wealth of advertising experience to bring to the table. We are growing rapidly here and next week we start the journey down in Regina we start contacting fantastic businesses to be promoted by . Exciting times to be Trusted!





Trusted Saskatoon .com intoduces Reed Security the first trusted Alarm & Security Listing in the Saskatoon Directory of excellence!

Trusted is thrilled to be able to showcase these 3 Trusted Businesses, as they are all truly awesome at what they do..just like the rest of our Trusted Businesses on the Directory of excellence!  

1Reed Security 

You know you have a good business when 2 days after they sign up and the DAY they passed the stringent verification and checking procedure (that Trusted puts all of it's advertising partners through) you get a nomination through the website for them from a member of the public....someone who used to work at a competitors alarm / security firm no less..and what did she say?

Here is the email that we received through the website

Saskatoon Website Comments from: SR

Phone: 306-341-4242

 City: Saskatoon

 Province: SK

Comments: I would like to recommend Reed Security for alarm systems. I used to work for another security company in the city and Reed far surpassed us in customer service, installation and overall customer satisfaction.

Thank you SR ( i have not displayed your real name in the blog i didn't ask permission)....we are pumped that you just confirm what we already heard from the grapevine, Reeds current clients ..and knew ourselves..REED SECURITY are outstanding , and Virgil Reed the founder and owner of Reed Security totally GETS Trusted and what we stand for ..because he stands for the same. Be assured, what ever your alarm or security needs REED Security will help you to get excatly what you want ...simple domestic alarms to STATE OF THE ART security cameras ( click here to look..the clarity of image will blow you away) for businesses....they are setting a very high standard in this category thats for sure.Check out the listing here  

Lastly  look at this pictue I found from a few years ago at The Home show of REED helpers giving the Thumbs up...maybe they had a premonitionjQuery15208760662184009968_1358457806360?



We are signing people up to Trusted everyday as nominations flood in to the site ...and we thank you Saskatoon for that PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING  ...after all we are just word of mouth ..the ULTIMATE Word of mouth ..and as we said to our advertising partners on Monday at the launch celebration TOGETHER WE ARE TRUSTED....We promote the BEST ..other directories list the rest! media launch. Many more Trusted Saskatoon businesses uploaded in the HOME BUILDERS, PLUMBING, WINDOW COVERINGS, PAINTERS & DESIGNER PAINTS, MOVERS & STORAGE, WINDOWS AND DOORS Categories

What a great day yesterday was, as Trusted finally launched it's mass media marketing campaign. Listen for our ads on these great radio stations Magic 98.3FM , WIRED , The BULL, CJWW , CFCR, FREE 100.3  and addtionally  listen for our Trusted Busineses radio ads with the Trusted ' GIVEN THE THUMBS UP BY TRUSTED SASKATOON.COM' Tag on the end of their ad on all the Trusted Stations and on the 3 Rawlco properties of NewsTalk 650, C95 & Rock 102....Trusted is Up in the Skies , as we flash across the electronic billboards across the city...Look online for our Leaderboards on WIRED's website and on Saskhouse too! We are here to become a follower ,or become a FACEBOOK fan here ..if you do you may WIN some stuff as we provide extra value with contesting and prizing!  Check out WIRED on facebook here and find out how you can win $100/ week  in a 4 week promotion they are doing to support Trusted and showcase to their listeners and massive 19,188 Facebook fans...oh and look around the city and you will see stickers on vans, trucks, trailers, shop windows & Doors as the Trusted business proudly display the fact that TOGETHER WE ARE TRUSTED.

What does this mean and how can you have confidence in a Trusted Business???? Well first of all they are CONTRACTUALLY BOUND to up hold the '5 Trusted Guarantees'




 1.Provide the service and quality promised.

 2.Complete the job on time.

 3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

 4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

 5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

How we select Trusted Businesses

We research businesses that have a reputation for quality driven excellence in the Saskatoon market.

We check various reference sources.

We randomly survey clients provided by the businesses.

We ensure any required licenses and insurance are up to date.

How we maintain and monitor Trusted Businesses

All of the above is re-checked and verified on an annual basis.

Trusted has a 'Mystery Shopper program' where we guarantee a minimum 10% of the Trusted businesses on the site will be randomly 'shopped' throughout the year, this is to ensure that the trusted standards and the 5 Trusted guarantees are upheld.

If a Trusted business does not uphold the TRUSTED GUARANTEES they will be removed immediately from the site.

So you can be assured you will be looked after by our Trusted Businesses!!!

We will be telling you more about the Saskatoon Trusted businesses that were uploaded over the weekend is a BUSY time at we go around the city speaking to Businesses that wish to be Trusted...there is a chance to be Trusted even if you do not fit in to any of our we have different banner ads available on the site for GOOD businesses in other sectors/ industries ...we will only allow companies who have been fully checked out to advertise though ...even on the banners!

We take our job seriously TRUSTED Businesses NEED ONLY APPLY

5 days to media launch..and we announce new Trusted Saskatoon directory listings in the Kitchens, Flooring and Contractor & Reno categories

The countdown is well underway to the media launch of , the first Trusted website! On May 30th listen to your radios and look around the city , and you will see and hear us everywhere! We have 39 listings live today in 22 categories and more in the wings..we hope to have at least 32 categories represented with live listings by we are BUSY! 

So who went live today and in what categories?

See their Listings by following these links:

1. Bathrooms, Saskatoon: Bath Fitter  AND  Granite Transformations

2. Contractors , Saskatoon: 3 'n 1 Construction

3. Flooring, Saskatoon : Western Carpet One Floor & Home


WOW..we really are finding the BEST businesses in Saskatoon to promote..and that makes our job simple!


Well, that's easy to answer...... their clients love them, their attention to detail is second to none and they are so enthusiastic about what they do. Each of the businesses on have really appreciated what a great idea Trusted is , and more importantly how it suits/mirrors their own business philosophy so well...they all have high standards and are committed to upholding the 5 Trusted Guarantees every day.






Western Carpet One Floor & Home

"Your one stop store for your perfect floor" ..that tag line has been used by  Western Carpet One Floor & Home for some time in their advertising..and more than ever before it is true! The HUGE showroom will provide you with hour upon hour of looking at options if that's what you wanted....or if you prefer direction or have something in mind the friendly and helpful showroom staff will assist you with finding that perfect floor to compliment your home and life style.  Any price range, all product categories, consultations in your home if preferable and an excellent fitting/ installation service by experienced, clean  and careful staff makes this store an excellent choice for any one..something else that is new is their  HOME DECOR side ( this section has totally taken over what used to house just the Flooring section previously till their expansion) ..and you MUST, MUST , MUST go an browse around will find some brilliant bargains, stunning pieces, local art and funny knick - knacks for any home/ style.lots of 'wall stuff'  ...not to mention handbags, jewelry and table top fireplaces!!! A true Aladins cave,and well worth a visit just for itself! Western Carpet One Floor and Home a FANTASTIC addition to the Flooring category in Saskatoon can be confident that they will look after you like you were family.


Find on Facebook ..LIKE us and become a FAN by May 30th and you could wi2 x prizes of  $500/each PLUS a $100 Gift card from The Keg for inviting your friends!!


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