Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Saskatoon announces a new categories with listings go live TRX RV as Saskatoons First Trusted Recreational Vehicle

Trusted is proud to have this wonderful businesses on board with , as both of them came highly recommended by their clients and associates.

Lets tell you a little about each of them, and what sets them apart and makes them an easy , hassle-free choice for anyone looking for an RV or  Painter.

Tom Oakes founded TRX RV a few years ago, and the company has quickly become one of the top RV dealers in Canada and North America.They call themselves 'The Heavyweights in Lightweights' and as much as that is true, it doesn't tell half the story of their success and what sets them apart within their industry. He has negotiated, bargained and networked his way to be an exclusive dealer for some of THE most prestigious names in the RV world ...AIRSTREAM and HEARTLAND. TRX RV is a member of the RVDA ( The Recreacional Vehicle Dealers Association) and Tom is always striving to offer the best possible RV for his clients needs, wants and budget ....the clients we surveyed gave an extremely large number of 10 out of 10's ...even the men...which is very unusual , as men have historically been tougher on survey rating companies than women...."Why would I go anywhere else?" ...was the ongoing theme ..and Trusted has to agree. Once you see the staggering amount of choice and inventory on display on the outside lot...or in the fabulous 'twilight campground themed' inside showroom ..well you can be assured that you will defintely find what you are looking for! 

Welcome to Trusted Tom and the TRX RV team

 Check out their listing on Trusted saskatoon here , go to their website or just swing on by to the huge premises on Idylwyld Norths Recreation row to see for your self! 


Check out their listing today on Trusted and see for yourself what can be done! 

Trusted Saskatoon is rapidly growing as more and more quality businesses come on board and join the Trusted revolution. We are in the business of promoting businesses we have CONFIDENCE in,businesses with local accountabilty, who strive to offer the best to their clients and are driven by the satsfaction of doing a a great job...If YOU know of any great businesses that deserve recognition in any of our categories let us know.. go to our CONTACT US section and nominate a business...we want only the businesses that come recommended..the ones you TRUST! 


Kitchenz Etc becomes Trusted first Trusted APPLIANCE listing in Saskatoon

Trusted has a confession to make..Sara , a founder is from the UK......and as such is up far too late tonight to watch and mentally record ( and blog about) the Royal wedding 2011....why you ask???A few reasons... TRADITION, QUALITY..who in the world does a wedding better than the British Royal family?????? 

European style is renowned, and it seems very fitting that Larry & the team from Kitchenz Etc has been uploaded tonight .....karma perhaps? The store in Saskatoon on Circle Drive provides the REAL European experience...truly....if you want to like your kitchen go to a department store.......if you want to LOVE YOUR kitchen , come and see the showroom at Kitchenz Etc....from the small counter top the entire DREAM kitchen ..they have it all...and more .....we promise, one taste or smell of the Kitchenz etc baked bread.... home made in their REAL kitchen at the store ......will have you (and him) smitten. .....See you there!


Long live quality....or just click here to go to the Kitchenz Etc link!

Trusted announces more new listings in COMPUTERS in Saskatoon

Trusted is so happy to announce more TRUSTED Businesses to  .   

Listing that went live is in the COMPUTERS category in Saskatoon, and the Trusted team had heard of this company not long after it had opened it's doors ...which was less than 2years ago ...BRIDGE CITY COMPUTERS has been a breath of fresh air in an industry sector that is perceived as  'niche' and 'nerdy' to many people.....this in a time when 82% of Canadians are online ....thats over 24million Canadians with a computer or that have access to a computer every day......yet most of us are still intimidated by 'computer speak'. Well, REST easy people, the team at Bridge City are just like you and me least they look it and sound like it anyway....and more to the point they work fast and effectively and really do offer good bang for your buck..lets face it no one wants to have computer issues one likes when you have to take your laptop in to get fixed..but when or if it does happen Trusted knows that Bridge city computers on Broadway will do what they can to get you up and blogging or facebooking again in no time ..check out their listing here or go have a look around the might just find some things you didn't even know you wanted!


By the way, we don`t know what the picture below is, we pulled it off Bridge city computers Facebook page ..but it looks cool:


The Trusted team is going to be working over the Easter weekend to get more listings processed and up next the meantime please let us know if you know any good businesses that deserve recognition in Saskatoon and beyond....we will be telling you more about CQ Flooring, Mawsons and Windecor too..Have a great Easter!


Trusted announces 3 new lisings go live today, we introduce our first TRUSTED Fitness and Gyms, Flooring and Windows and Doors category listings

What a busy day at Trusted , as we upload 3 more fantastic business listings onto our website .

We are thrilled to have MAWSONS HEALTH & FITNESS as our first listing in the Fitness & Gym category, CQ FLOORING is our first trusted Flooring company and WINDECOR is the first trusted Windows and Doors listing. 

All of these businesses are well respected leaders in their industries in Saskatoon and came highly recommended and they have really been a thrill to deal with! Check out their listings on the links above and keep checking in over the next few days, as we talk about each business in depth and tell you why they are perfect representatives of the caliber of businesses that Trusted promotes.

We believe that good businesses deserve recognition and as such we would love to hear more of YOUR recommendations and nominations for businesses in Saskatoon and of this week we have quite a few categories filled on the Saskatoon directory, and assuming that the businesses in our validation and reference checking stages pass the standards required to be eligible for a space on the site there will be 23 categories with trusted businesses representing their industry..but there are still categories that we haven't got to...or haven't had any recommendations for ...Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians and Massage are just a few of the categories that we would like nominations for!  So help us out....and help those GREAT businesses out by putting their names forward .....just click on contact us and NOMINATE   You don't have to tell us who you are.....but be sure to give us all the details on the business you want to the way, thanks to all the people who have nominated so far..we appreciate it!

The Trusted Team

Trusted gets another Real Estate Listing LIVE . We welcome Wayne Koshman as our second Saskatoon Trusted Real Estate listing

We would like to introduce you to Wayne Koshman with Re/Max Saskatoon, although he has not been in the Real Estate industry for very long, he is extremely passionate about making his clients needs his main priority and brings the ethics of hardwork, professionalism and honesty with him from his previous career as a highly respected pharmaceutical representative.

He choose to be an owner /operator at RE/MAX after researching the alternatives and after finding out that RE/MAX are tagged as the 'Real Estate leaders and no-one sells more real estate than RE/MAX around the world.' Everyone that lives or has spent anytime in Saskatoon in the Summer can't fail to have seen the RE/MAX balloon that flies in the bright blue prarie skies above the riverbank and downtown.


So wether you are buying or selling a home in Saskatoon and surrounding area , Trusted is absolutely sure that Wayne would be a wonderful choice as your realtor.Check out his website for listings and more information at   or click here to view the Real Estate category  on for your self!


Our Real Estate category is now officially complete, we are just waiting for some last details from the third of the 3, before we get their details uploaded, and we are very confident that we have 3 outstanding choices for anyone looking for a realtor in Saskatoon!

Trusted representatives are out seeing many businesses that have been recommended to us, and have many categories that are very active with interest and others that are unofficially on hold as we have 3 businesses going through the verification and reference check stage, however we would really appreciate some good word of mouth nominations in categories we haven't touched yet in Saskatoon such as Bathrooms, Contractors, HomeBuilders and the other you know of great businesses in those categories?..if so please do send Trusted their details by NOMINATING them on the CONTACT US section of the Saskatoon site


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