Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted Directories Latest News

Trusted brags about our first Trusted Regina Salon. Welcome Shear Escape Salon and Spa to the Trusted family!

Reginas Trusted business directory  is taking on a life of it's own, as the 2 trusted consultants Renee and Michelle find their feet and follow the many nominations and recommendations that have started to flow in on a regular basis. It is very reminicent of how started gaining momentum in April and May before it's May 30th media launch. The Trusted team are really looking forward to providing truly safe and trusted business directory options to the residents of both cities and beyond for years to come!  

The Trusted businesses who we have on board all share comminalities, they all really care about the communities they live in , and the owners wouldn't be able to sleep at night if they felt any of their clients had been left feeling anything but totally satisfied with how the they are dealt with at every stage of their transactions...our latest official Trusted partner is certainly no exception to that rule..we are really eager to brag about Candyce and her amazing  'A Team' at Shear Escape Salon & Spa ..our first Trusted Regina Salon.


 We had heard SO MANY wonderful things about Candyce, the owner of Shear Escape ..that to be honest when we met her we couldn't believe how YOUNG she was to have done so much impressive stuff ( and to have really impressed so many really impressive ladies who had nominated her!) ...Candyce has a warm gentle character, with an easy smile, and she has the great gift of not having to talk loudly to get your attention..she is obviously a very saavy young business woman ( with awards to prove it), but she defintely hasn't stepped on anyone to get where she is ..she clearly works very hard and you can see she inspires a great deal of loyalty from the team of trendy, artistic , happy staff that work at the salon, which is situated in the strip mall next to Earls on Albert.

Candyce leads from the front and is invested in the sucess of every single one of her team.....if  you are looking for a salon that is up on all the latest trends and fashions, without being pretentious then Shear Escape is made for you! On the few occasions we were in the salon we observed Men with kids getting cuts together, older ladies, young college students and sharp suited business men and women all enjoying their time there, and emerging looking fabulous....The hours are GREAT too for those of us that work between 9 - 5 , as they are open Mon- Thursday 9am till 9pm ..Friday 9-6pm and Sat 9-5pm!

After hearing that one of the girls that works there is famous for ' the best head massage in town' , Sara the Trusted founder ( who apprecaites a good head massage) HAD to see if it measured up to previous head massages she had got around the world.....YES YES YES is the answer ....she didn't want to remove her head from the wash basin!  

 We could have written pages and pages of clients testimonials on the listing ( which you can check out here ) , but we managed to edit them down to just 4 Laughing..the reason being , is that we wanted to tell people how much more Shear Escapes does ...They have a program for empowering young women in partnership with the YWCA called ' Girlspace initiative ' involvement and ' giving back' is very important to Candyce ...and you can see that only adds an even better atmosphere to the Salon as a whole can't help but feel the positive VIBE ...what a great place to spend a few hours getting a new look and soaking it all in!  

It's easy to see why Candyce and the team at Shear Escapes are the latest recipients of ' The Thumbs up' from ..we know you will not be disappointed...try them out once and you will be a client for life..what a great addition to the Trusted Regina family and what a fabulous standard is set for the salon category in Regina! Check out their website if you want to book, see what services they offer or to see some great pics and more information on their well designed site!

Here is a pic of Candyce...and underneath ..the Team ..we are so thrilled to promote you and endorse you deserve it! 



Check out our Facebook page here to see how you can win an ipod shuffle!!

Stay trusted my friends....Safe AND Trusted of course!

Trusted brags about our first Cleaning services Saskatoon listing and the final Trusted Saskatoon Financial Services listing.

Trusted loves to brag about great businesses and the 2 new Trusted businesses that went live on today certainly have many, many things to brag about!

Lets start with our first Trusted Cleaning service listing:

ENVIROWISE: Cleaning Solutions for a Healthy Planet

20 years ago, before it was popular, a small local company came up with the idea that a business could be sustainable while also being environmentally wise. The idea that sparked it all back then was that packaging could be reused and refilled rather than being thrown into the landfill. Since then, the concept has evolved into a full line of environmentally conscious household and commercial cleaning products. Today, the EnviroWise brand supplies successful retail franchises across western Canada. They are experts in solving your cleaning needs with with Environmentally conscious products...without losing any cleaning power what so ever! Carol runs the spotless, yet welcoming andf bright store in the mall on the top of 8th street a few doors away from the the liquor store and opposite the CIBC Bank, and if you haven't been in , we suggest you will be surprised at what they have to offer! Which are Safe products that can be TRUSTED in your home

The Trusted owner and the team in Saskatoon are now fully converted to the Envirowise products , in fact we were actually quite surprised how excited we were over the amazing results of the products ( even WE were sceptical at first before testing items at home) ...honestly, we challenge anyone to take the 'Red Marvel Bathroom Cleaner Challenge' and see how fantastically it works...without irritating your skin or smelling overpowering.. . Check out the testimonials on their listing here , to hear the true stories of their clients that Trusted spoke to....Look after your family and homes cleaning needs with a clear conscious...small changes by everyone makes for BIG changes in the long run.

Envirowise we are proud to have you on the Trusted Saskatoon directory and you are very deserving of ' The Thumbs up'  Here is a picture of Carol in the store



On to our next Trusted listing that went live today ..our final ( 3 of 3 )  Financial Services listing. Trusted is eager to tell you all about them!


Wendy Cooper heads up an all women team of Wendy ( Certified Financial Planner/ Investment Representative) , Tammy Richmond ( Financial Security Advisor/ Investment Representative) and Alisha Rokochy ( Marketing Associate) ..and it is a wonderful 3rd option to the 2 other Trusted Listings in Financial Services in Saskatoon....   

The way the GPS team conduct themselves from the first contact is very warm and professional .

Financial security planning is about more than planning for retirement or protecting yourself against risk – it is about making dreams come true. They are focused on helping you achieve freedom and choice at all stages of life. To do this, they use Freedom 55 Financial's planning process, which is based on the four cornerstones of financial security. It is a process designed to help you:

 •Better understand what financial security means to you by reviewing your current situation and defining goals

 •Identify and discuss any roadblocks to achieving your goals and analyse your situation

•Identify any gaps and build a plan to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals and dreams

•Review and monitor your financial security plan regularly to help ensure it continues to meet your changing needs

 In short ..they care and are here to help YOU


Welcome GPS ..check out their listing here to hear the great testimonials and to see why they were given the "Thumbs UP" by

Stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course

Trusted causes waves and reaction from mysask411!



There are many places businesses can choose to advertise ....however Trusted is the ONLY place that businesses have to go through the strict checking, qualification and RE checking procedure to be able to advertise with us at all.

Most advertising requires absolutely NO proof that you are a good company...or even that you are qualified to do what you do...companies can say mostly what ever they want to in their ads about themselves in Yellow Pages or on their web sites, lets be honest here,  all the advertising companies want is MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY. So unethical companies and con men with deep pockets are not a problem for most of them when it comes to accepting their advertising $'s!

So, Trusted has come along and has set out to CHANGE the way people do business ..and offer something new to the people as an option, we truly appreciate the value of good reputations and in particular, we knew that DIRECTORY advertising NEEDED something better than what was on offer...especially on line! 

Lets start with the fact that most of us stopped using the Yellow Pages ' Physical directory'  to find anything but Pizzas and Chinese restaurants years ago...GOOGLE can provide contact numbers for the businesses we are looking for WAY easier and much quicker than trying to find the bulky book, trying to guess which heading the business might be in ( how many headings can you have for the same thing...REALLY??) and struggling through pages and pages of busy and ugly ads of businesses vying for your $'s and attention by screaming with Color, Pictures, Logos, big boring ads and unsubstantiated claims......even if you don't have anyone in mind and are really being random ( which is rare) GOOGLING  is STILL WAY quicker ...but then it's the research that takes time & effort ....because you don't know if they are GOOD companies just because they pop up on page 1 & if you don't check them out you could be taking a BIG risk.... Especially if you are planning on spending a lot of money on a product or service!

The SaskTel Phone Book people are not dumb... They KNOW and accept ( not in public, but behind closed doors for sure) that the BOOK IS DEAD and will be gone within a few is environmentally BAD for starters, no one under 50 uses it and it is HORRIBLE to use ..People now-a-days are used to answers at their fingertips...INSTANTLY...Just look at the advertising that SaskTel Phone book does...they mention the book only as an afterthought...The focus is definitely on their website (which annoyingly has changed names and looks a few times in the past 5 years alone) ....this is the provincial directory site for Saskatchewan, and every business is listed.....EVERY business GOOD or BAD...Sasktel don't differentiate or care....FACT!

It has come to Trusted's attention that since we launched  'THE smart person’s' online directory of TRUSTED LOCAL buisnesses for people in Saskatoon in May, Mysask411 has been monitoring Trusted and taking notes....In July they came out with a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter pretty much identical in strategy and ideas to the Facebook/ Twitter strategy. Check out our Facebook page here to see what we do ...with prizes and giveaways for the fans of the site...when we present the winners with their prizes we take a picture with a' Thumbs up' & and post it on the page.....what this does is increase our brand awareness and explains the Trusted philosophy to Saskatoon and PROVE that we are not a scam FB page that just wants fans and doesn't really have prizes....also it is there so our fans know what Trusted and the ' Thumbs up' means and what a great service it is for all!

WE ask for nominations on the site because we ONLY go and speak to businesses that have been recommended and/ or NOMINATED …mysask411 however,  ask for recommendations for businesses on their site JUST to try and drive people to the site so they can brag about bigger online usage numbers to their customers and potential new customers.....they need to do this to justify the massive increase in costs online to their customers that will be coming sooner rather than later.....where else are they going to be able to get the $millions revenue that they are going to lose when the physical book finally DIES ?

They incentivise people with prizes…they even use a GREEN GENERIC 'THUMBS UP' symbol on the site next to the recommendation box for a business.......WONDER WHERE THEY GOT THAT IDEA ????? And as for this recommendation box...if you are a business owner nothing is stopping you from recommending yourself anonymously...or perhaps you are smarter and can get your family or friends to recommend you ....SaskTel don't CHECK to see if they are TRUE's just another sales tool they are using to try and convince people to spend MORE money with them on their ONLINE directory.

Trusted is not by any means saying that there is not a place for mysask411...there is ..we only plan to cover Saskatoon and Regina in Saskatchewan, and we only cover 40 categories ..with a maximum of just 3 Trusted businesses in each catgeory plus a maximum 1 banner ad for any category on the site, we don't list residential phone numbers and we don't have a MULTI MULTI MILLION $ marketing budget like Sasktel, we are local women working hard to promote businesses that deserve the promotion to the people who want to have easy access to Trusted businesses ..because our clients big or small, pay the gets a BIGGER ad on Trusted, so we are not pressured or held to ransom by big clients who 'own us' ! When we give a business the ' Thumbs up' it MEANS something!

Our representatives are called TRUSTED CONSULTANTS because they work for a company with a name that includes as part of it the word TRUSTED ...yes you can say it can be seen as a verb ...but really it is a adjective.. ..... mysask411 on their website now call their sales reps     "TRUSTED Media advisors" ....really? How are they Trusted? They can definitely be trusted to sell you the biggest ad possible in the most related headings possible in their book and on their online directory for your budget ....and most of them can also be trusted to see you just once a year , and take no interest in your business at all until renewal time comes around, when they will walk in with a mock up of an ad  double the size of what you had the year before.........and as for 'media advisors'.....they are not going to advise you to do ANYTHING else but spend your money with them.....they want ALL your advertising budget.       

However , it must be said to Sasktel and mysask411 that Trusted is flattered that a little company like ours is being copied by such a big marketing machine like you!

Trusted just wants to point out that mysask411 should stick to who they really are .....TRUSTED PROMOTES THE BEST other directories just list the rest!   

 Oh..and we have a WAAAY better ' Thumbs up ' than mysask411! Tongue out


Stay Trusted my friends..Safe and Trusted of course

Trusted Brags about the 2 final Trusted Plumbing businesses and the 2nd Trusted Air Conditioning & Furnace business on and offers words of caution

The fall is happening in front of our very eyes right now in Saskatoon & Regina , and what a beautiful time of year it is ..especially if the wind doesn't blow all those brown, yellow , red and gold leaves staright off the trees and we have the wonderful weather we have enjoyed all Summer follow us into the Fall!  With Fall comes cooler nights and shorter days....and that means your furnace that has been sitting idle for months and months may require some help to get going ..or perhaps it is time to replace it for a quieter, more effeicient Furnace altogether! Thats when comes to the rescue.

Trusted Consumer Alert Beware Furnace Con Jobs .

Saskatoon is still enjoying temperatures in the 70s, but cooler days are right around the corner. There's a growing concern about fly-by-night furnace contractors who may try to rip you off

1. What's the set-up for this con game? Like many contractor cons, this game begins with a knock on the door. The guy on your step may look the part – dressed as a workman, with a clipboard and tool belt – and he’ll offer a “free inspection” of your furnace. If you resist the offer, he might tell you horror stories about a neighbor “a couple streets away” who had major problems and was unaware of the danger or remind you of some real disasters that were recently in the news, like the house in Regina that blew up in May after an undiagnosed gas leak...or the Neighbourhood in California last year that was destroyed.  

2. What happens when the con man does the inspection? Without fail, the con man finds a huge problem, one that requires immediate attention – he’ll almost always try to convince you that the house will explode or that your home is filling up with noxious gases even as you’re talking to him – and he’ll offer to get his “emergency crew” to you the same day if you’ll pay some portion of the inflated estimate up front. If you resist, he’ll threaten to “red tag” the furnace, which he says would mean you’d have to have a city inspector out to restart service at additional costs.

3. What’s the reality here? Even if your furnace has a major problem, no reputable and Trusted company is going to claim that the house is going to blow up if you don’t write a cheque in the next five minutes. Most of the time – even in the worst cases – you can shut off the gas, open a window, and be safe enough to call for a second opinion. Whenever anyone tries to convince you that you need major repairs on the spur of the moment and wants money up front to start the job, you need to stop everything and think about the decision. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured, and definitely don’t let a con man throw you into a panic. Unless you’re talking to a city employee with proper identification or a contractor you’ve called to your home because you suspected a problem, there’s no reason to drop everything and run screaming from your home on the say-so of a stranger. Con men are experts at causing pressure and panic. Don’t fall for it.

 4. Do the furnace inspections offered by local dealers make sense? Absolutely!OUR Trusted companies offer Furnace inspections for a reasonable fee and SHOW you what to look out for , so you can rest assured in the future.It’s not a bad idea to invest in the visit. Most of the time, besides checking for cracks in the pipes, leaks, and other serious problems, the worker will change the filter and get the unit ready for winter. If you don’t know anything about maintaining a furnace, that’s a great way for you to stay ahead of costly repairs and make sure that your furnace is operating properly. Plus, there’s a certain amount of trust built into the fees a reputable company charges for its work. Companies might offer free inspections, and some do that as a courtesy, counting on a percentage of those inspections resulting in lucrative jobs, but the temptation for some businesses to find something wrong – anything wrong, really -- when they’re offering their expertise is pretty high.

Choose a Safe and Trusted Company to check on your Furnace our 2nd Listing that went up this week J.O.B Heating & Air

J.O.B. Heating & Air

J.O.B Heating & Air has been serving Saskatoon since 1998 and they offer Air Conditioning, Furnace and Plumbing services to residential and commercial clients in and around Saskatoon. The crew at J.O.B. will not only come and fix , replace or check your furnace ..they also offer to training to educate the home owner on doing their own checking and take the time to explain what to look for and whats involved in keeping your AC & Furnace running smoothly. IF you are considering a replacememt furnace or AC unit they are a certified dealer for Lennox check out their website  here  to see everything they have to offer.   If you have ANY plumbing issues call them for prompt, courteous, professional and timely service ...After all, thats why they have been given the  ' Thumbs up' by   

Our 2nd Trusted business that has a new listing in Plumbing Saskatoon is NOT a new Business to at all..they have been Trusted since the launch in the AC & Furnace category and the Electrical Category...they had such a great response from the public they wanted to invest in their great reputation some more and Trusted is THRILLED to be able to BRAG somemore about Gibbon Heating and Air our FINAL ( 3/3) Trusted Plaumbing company in Saskatoon 

Gibbon Heating and Air

Gibbon is such a great Saskatoon company and you can see their white vans flying around all over the city..with the Summer we have had in Saskatchewan ( and the hundreds of leads they have had from AC & Furnace and Electrician Categories on that go with it ) they have been so busy...yet they are very careful to maintain their high standards of business practice. They are now listed in the Plumbing category too, and you can be assured they will look after ALL of your Plumbing needs....RESIDENTIAL •Repairs, upgrades and installations •Tap/ Toilet repair & replacement •Hot water tanks •Repair all water line & drainage •Sanitary & storm sewers •Gas Lines PLUMBING – COMMERCIAL •Tenant work •Water line & drainage pipe repair •Commercial Hot water tank replacement. 

None of Gibbons clients are ' small potatos' to them, clients needs are of paramount importance to the Gibbon Team and  they definitely live by the 5 Trusted Guarantees , just like ALL the Trusted Businesses they are CONTRACTED to uphold them.    


1.Provide the service and quality promised.

2.Complete the job on time.

3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

 Stay Trusted my friends! Safe and Trusted of course

reference source BBB Oklahoma Sept, 2010

Trusted tells you about some changes, some news and a few other cool things their Trusted Partners in Saskatoon are up to!

Trusted has lots of things going on across the province in the next few weeks....and is very happy to be able to introduce our latest team member who has just come on board this week. Welcome to Michelle Staruiala our 3rd Trusted Consultant. Michelle lives in Regina and is a HUGE fan of Trusted and what it stands for, as a single Mum of 3 older kids, she has had times in her life when businesses have let her down and she really values what a great service to the public Trusted is! MIchelle is eager to get out into her home city of Regina and start contacting businesses she has had great exeriences with, so she can help them grow and prosper by investing in their wonderful reputations with . If you are reading this and know some businesses that deserve promotion in Regina, go to any of the categories that don't have listings and NOMINATE a business..a link is provided! Michelle, Trusted is proud to have you on our team and we know your passion, drive and work ethic will serve Trusted well!

If you are a regular user of Trusted you may have already noticed that there have been some slight category changes happening since we started, either because we had requests and nominations, we found issues with the industry sector ( Cell phones) or we re-thought the categories & expanded them to include more options for the end user...because YOU are our priority after all. The final changes have been made and they are as follows....Carpet cleaning & cleaning services has been changed to just CLEANING SERVICES( to allow everything from maid service, carpet cleaning, furnace cleaners,auto detail, cleaning supplies options..therefore a way better category )..we are thrilled to be adding our first  Trusted business in there REALLY this space! Contractors & Renovations has been split into CONTRACTORS ( GENERAL) and RENOVATIONS & DESIGN ( it is the most viewed catgeory with 1000's of views since the website went live) and we wanted to offer more targeted options for the end user. The Contractors tend to be more specialised , like 3 n'1 Construction in Saskatoon who specialise in roofing, framing etc.. and the Renovations and Design category has businesses that do renos ( basements, kitchens and big jobs from start to finish ) ..and we included DESIGN as they go hand in hand ..Our clients have been enjoying great results from the site and Trusted is now the most used Online Directory in Saskatoon....we have had well over 5000 visitors since we launched, and we have had a staggering 40,000+ page views....which means people LOVE what they see! Let our Trusted partners know you selected them from Trusted and that you appreciate them putting themselves 'Out there' ..they deserve the promotion and they do their best to ensure you have a great experience with them!

Here is some news/ cool stuff about a few of our partners  that we want to tell you about this week.

  1. SUPERIOR AUTO BODY has now got a website :

Click here to check it out! Monty and the crew at Superior Auto body are awesome and make the entire process smooth and easy from beginning to end...Sara the Trusted founder has been unfortunate / fortunate enough to know for herself how good they are .... she is an Immigrant from UK and still struggles with driving in the snow and ice after being here 5years....this is one of the many reasons Trusted advertises to immigrants and newcomers as a great resouce for them ..settling in a new city, new country is hard enough...but having emergency situations is even more stressful , and having a site like which ONLY offers good businesses is a  extremly valuable. ( and advertising to immigrants that can't drive in the snow is a very smart idea for Auto Body shops especially!:) ).       

Welcome to the web Monty!! Here he is giving the Thumbs up outside the shop!As they say " When We Get Through it's just like NEW" and has many more listings going up next week and many more cool things to announce about community involvement, contests on Facebook ( if you are not a fan of trustedsaskatoon on Face Book you are missing out on al the AWESOME prizes to events and and MORE every month) and cool and new info from our wonderful Trusted Clients!  Thanks to all who supprted the Child Find Saskatchewan Dr Draw Benefit concert ..what a show that was!

We are asking for nominations of great businesses in the following categories:

Cleaning servces, Health & Wellness Outdoor Living and Recreation and Photography & Framing, Caterers, Salons, Spas & Window Coverings in Saskatoon ..only send the best ..other directories list the rest!   

Enjoy what is possibly the last week of Summer ...and stay Trusted my friends ..Safe and Trusted of course

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