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Trusted Directories Latest News gives away $1000 to 2 deserving their entries and see why they won....

Todays Blog is all about YOU ..the people who need our Trusted service!

Congratulations to to Sarah Nunweiler for the BEST story about some of our Trusted businesses...Here is her winning entry!

Saskatoon Website Comments from: Sarah Nunweiler

City: Saskatoon 

Comments: Here is my entry for contest #2. Western Carpet One: I am absolutely addicted to this store…and not for their amazing flooring choices, for their robust and contemporary décor selection! They have unique wall, art, décor and accent items that you can’t find anywhere in the city and all at very affordable prices! I browse around this part of the showroom for hours because there is so much selection and so much to see each and every time I go in (which is often)! Plus, the staff is amazing and helpful, and will help you find the perfect piece that you’re looking for. The hours are great because I can pop in on the weekends when it works for me. Budget Blinds Kim and her crew were fabulous to work with. She came to my house to take measurements, show me samples and discuss my personal style, and she had my quote by email in less than 24 hours. She answered my questions super fast and was always so helpful in helping me decide on the best package for my needs. I have referred Budget Blinds to all of my friends who are building new homes because it really is the best selection in Saskatoon, at the most affordable price based on my research. What amazed me was the selection of blinds to choose from – from colours, textures, different types and prices – Budget Blinds had it all! Installation also went very smoothly and everything looks fantastic. I have peace of mind with their great warrantees that come standard with your package!

Here is Sarah giving the 'Thumbs up after being presented with her $500 CASH...enjoy the stagette Sarah!!

As Sarah said in her wining entry Western Carpet one and Budget Blinds are awesome....thats why they are TRUSTED along with all the other Trusted Businesses we promote....Now for  the 2nd winner Nicole Thoms...unfortunately she won because of the bad experience she suffered...and what a horrible,and ongoing experience that is..we are so glad she benefited somehow from the situation ( names of the company have been blanked out for legal reasons) Here is her winning entry : 

Saskatoon Website Comments from: nicole thoms

City: stoon

Comments: my worst experience was with_______________( a home builder's)/new home warrenty.our stucco was all cracked on all 4 walls and we were getting water thru the walls...then mold.They just came and gave us a patch job by putting more stucco on top.its now cracking again,the water is getting in making the lvl board bowed out.we have fought with them for 6 months for them to fix it properly and they wont.we had mold in our walls and on the insullation,so they sent ladies to come clean the wood w bleach/water then they put the moldy insulation back in...i freaked...its been ongoing w has made me feel like as a home owner you have no protection,i felt like they thought we were stupid...but i do lots of research,and they just tried to do the least/cheapest things to fix it!! they told me the mold would go away when the wood dries...are u kidding me?? the stucco guy that effed up our house just recenly moved next door...all i can say is wow!! this story def.deserves to win!!lol..what are the freaking chances???

Here is Nicole smiling ( what a TROOPER) after Trusted made her day with a much needed $500 Cash prize.


Here are some pictures of the damage to Nicoles house....this company who we will not name have gone on our 'will never be TRUSTED' list ... If you leave people in a position of loss because they choose to deal with you should be ashamed of yourself..our Trusted businesses are CONTRACTED to uphold our 5 guarantees ...and if they do ever make a mistake ( because no one is perfect afterall)  ..they will always make sure it is put right the FIRST time to their clients absolute satisfaction!


 Hundreds of nails destroy the building paper

Cracks everywhere ......everywhere


When there are lots of cracks ..and it is wet..that means ..water...inside...then comes mold!


This is why we founded Trusted help people find GOOD businesses, we have home builders on the site that build homes as if THEY were building their own home, for their family to live in!

From our Saskatoon Home Builders or Furniture stores..Dentists or Tire shop ..TRUSTED promotes the best and you can be assured when we give a business the ' thumbs up' it means something!


Trusted Saskatoon .com intoduces Reed Security the first trusted Alarm & Security Listing in the Saskatoon Directory of excellence!

Trusted is thrilled to be able to showcase these 3 Trusted Businesses, as they are all truly awesome at what they do..just like the rest of our Trusted Businesses on the Directory of excellence!  

1Reed Security 

You know you have a good business when 2 days after they sign up and the DAY they passed the stringent verification and checking procedure (that Trusted puts all of it's advertising partners through) you get a nomination through the website for them from a member of the public....someone who used to work at a competitors alarm / security firm no less..and what did she say?

Here is the email that we received through the website

Saskatoon Website Comments from: SR

Phone: 306-341-4242

 City: Saskatoon

 Province: SK

Comments: I would like to recommend Reed Security for alarm systems. I used to work for another security company in the city and Reed far surpassed us in customer service, installation and overall customer satisfaction.

Thank you SR ( i have not displayed your real name in the blog i didn't ask permission)....we are pumped that you just confirm what we already heard from the grapevine, Reeds current clients ..and knew ourselves..REED SECURITY are outstanding , and Virgil Reed the founder and owner of Reed Security totally GETS Trusted and what we stand for ..because he stands for the same. Be assured, what ever your alarm or security needs REED Security will help you to get excatly what you want ...simple domestic alarms to STATE OF THE ART security cameras ( click here to look..the clarity of image will blow you away) for businesses....they are setting a very high standard in this category thats for sure.Check out the listing here  

Lastly  look at this pictue I found from a few years ago at The Home show of REED helpers giving the Thumbs up...maybe they had a premonitionjQuery15208760662184009968_1358457806360?



We are signing people up to Trusted everyday as nominations flood in to the site ...and we thank you Saskatoon for that PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING  ...after all we are just word of mouth ..the ULTIMATE Word of mouth ..and as we said to our advertising partners on Monday at the launch celebration TOGETHER WE ARE TRUSTED....We promote the BEST ..other directories list the rest! media launch. Many more Trusted Saskatoon businesses uploaded in the HOME BUILDERS, PLUMBING, WINDOW COVERINGS, PAINTERS & DESIGNER PAINTS, MOVERS & STORAGE, WINDOWS AND DOORS Categories

What a great day yesterday was, as Trusted finally launched it's mass media marketing campaign. Listen for our ads on these great radio stations Magic 98.3FM , WIRED , The BULL, CJWW , CFCR, FREE 100.3  and addtionally  listen for our Trusted Busineses radio ads with the Trusted ' GIVEN THE THUMBS UP BY TRUSTED SASKATOON.COM' Tag on the end of their ad on all the Trusted Stations and on the 3 Rawlco properties of NewsTalk 650, C95 & Rock 102....Trusted is Up in the Skies , as we flash across the electronic billboards across the city...Look online for our Leaderboards on WIRED's website and on Saskhouse too! We are here to become a follower ,or become a FACEBOOK fan here ..if you do you may WIN some stuff as we provide extra value with contesting and prizing!  Check out WIRED on facebook here and find out how you can win $100/ week  in a 4 week promotion they are doing to support Trusted and showcase to their listeners and massive 19,188 Facebook fans...oh and look around the city and you will see stickers on vans, trucks, trailers, shop windows & Doors as the Trusted business proudly display the fact that TOGETHER WE ARE TRUSTED.

What does this mean and how can you have confidence in a Trusted Business???? Well first of all they are CONTRACTUALLY BOUND to up hold the '5 Trusted Guarantees'




 1.Provide the service and quality promised.

 2.Complete the job on time.

 3.Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

 4.Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

 5.Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

How we select Trusted Businesses

We research businesses that have a reputation for quality driven excellence in the Saskatoon market.

We check various reference sources.

We randomly survey clients provided by the businesses.

We ensure any required licenses and insurance are up to date.

How we maintain and monitor Trusted Businesses

All of the above is re-checked and verified on an annual basis.

Trusted has a 'Mystery Shopper program' where we guarantee a minimum 10% of the Trusted businesses on the site will be randomly 'shopped' throughout the year, this is to ensure that the trusted standards and the 5 Trusted guarantees are upheld.

If a Trusted business does not uphold the TRUSTED GUARANTEES they will be removed immediately from the site.

So you can be assured you will be looked after by our Trusted Businesses!!!

We will be telling you more about the Saskatoon Trusted businesses that were uploaded over the weekend is a BUSY time at we go around the city speaking to Businesses that wish to be Trusted...there is a chance to be Trusted even if you do not fit in to any of our we have different banner ads available on the site for GOOD businesses in other sectors/ industries ...we will only allow companies who have been fully checked out to advertise though ...even on the banners!

We take our job seriously TRUSTED Businesses NEED ONLY APPLY

Trustedsaskatoon brags about Decora Homes, JonesE .. Saskatoons NewTrusted Home Builder & Landscape & Yard services

The Trusted team are working around the clock to keep up with demand as the May 30th Saskatoon MASS MEDIA  launch date  gets closer and closer...we are seeing businesses everyday and filling up the categories daily..remember there are a maximum 3 in each we know too much choice can be a problem too!

We cannot WAIT to introduce you to all these AMAZING Trusted businesses ........we are honored to have them on our site..they are going to strengthen our brand and more importantly ensure that we provide excellent Trusted businesses for all of your fingertips!

With all the media excitement a week or so has passed since JonesE, Decora Homes and Capelli came on the site..we would love to tell you why they were selected and what they have to offer you..funny thing they all have in common is that they are all married couples that are the owners!

1. JonesE Property Maintenance

The owners of Jonese  Scott and Karen Jones are simply outstanding individuals , and we are thrilled to have them on our Trusted Saskatoon site.

They have built up their business over the last 7+ years on word of mouth, recommendations, hard work, networking, flexibility and the ' can do' entrepreneur attitude that sets a great business apart from the rest. When clients ask them to go the extra mile, or ask if they can provide a new service they try their best to do whatever they can to make that client happy.  They started off just doing domestic exterior house cleaning..and now offer services ranging from Seasonal Lawn care, Yard tidy up ( Spring, fall..and anywhere in between) , pressure washing of exterior and drive ways , eaves trough and window cleaning domestic maid service, commercial and retail exterior cleaning contracts and they recently introduced a 'House watch program' for clients who go away on vacation for prolonged periods in the winter and might need their driveway cleared of snow, their furnace checked or their alarm reset.....WOW ..they CARE ..and it shows. Trusted is so happy to have them on board, as we have been BIG fans of JonesE for a long time and are glad to promote them to Saskatoon. RIGHT NOW if you go and become FANS of their JonesE Property Maintenance  facebook page you can win prizes by watching out for their company vehicles!!!! If you spot the JonesE truck text 222-1293 the location, your name, and 1 Service you know they do the most text win @ the end of the month. Tell your friends to be on the look out and they too can win!!  Check out their Trusted  Listing in Landsacpae and yard services here

Karen & Scott Jones all clean and posh! 

2.DECORA HOMES What beautiful..beautiful can see the pride and care that they take when you look at the pictures ...but we challenge you to go and see one of their show may find yourself unable to stop dreaming about it...and if you ARE thinking about building you better make sure that Decora are on your list of MUST see's...they build each home as if they were building their own, which is why they have many fans in the contractor and design trades....that should tell you alot! Decora Homes specialize in homes built to meet YOUR custom requirements. They have many years of experience in the construction industry and take pride in working with you to design a home which best suits you and your family. Your home will be built to reflect your personality and lifestyle...and they will make the actual process of building ( that many/ most find a nightmare) smooth and enjoyable They pay attention to detail and build with passion. They unleash creativity and search for new ideas and concepts to make them truly unique and rare..and they have the idea of creating a very limited number of homes each year so they are building a great reputation for distinctive design and spectacular detail..see their listing here



...Wow ..2 great new Trusted businesses for ..and 2 more are up and live this week a day or two we'll introduce you to the WONDERFUL KTS Custom Cabinets in Kitchen and the Lovely and Professional Chris Paradi s the final Trusted Saskatoon Mortage listing! 

Keep checking in we have ....oooooooo..20 or so more listings coming really soon! EXCITING times to be Trusted!

We promote the best ..let the other directories list the rest!

Trusted interview for CFCR Saskatoons Community Radio. The latest Furniture

Trusted's exciting times are set to continue, and on Monday around 2.30pm Trusted announces that Sara, one of the Trusted co-founders, will be interviewed live on Saskatoon's community radio station CFCR 90.5FM. She will feature on the popular 'Afternoon buzz' show , so set your alarm to tune in or LISTEN LIVE here.

The Trusted team have been busy dealing with the flood of enquiries / nominations and requests that poured in after the CBC interviews aired on Friday 6th May, and we have been meeting with and seeing businesses round the clock after they heard about Trusted & wanted to find out how and if it was possible to get all the excitement we have not had time until today to talk in depth and properly introduce  the6 wonderful Trusted Saskatoon companies that went live last week.

1. International Furniture Wholesalers: Saskatoon's 2nd Trusted Furniture Listing.

If you haven't heard of this store before today...well, you are not alone...International Furniture Wholesalers doesn't advertise much at all,they have built up a solid reputation through word of mouth since opening their doors not so long ago. Trusted is thrilled to be able to tell you about this company, and recommends that you go and see for yourself what it has to offer! The HUGE warehouse is on Faithfull Avenue,North of 51st street, and it is not your typical furniture store. As crazy as this claim might sound, we know it to be true...they have EVERYTHING you are looking for.......browse around the small showroom when you first walk in, or go through the doors to the huge warehouse where all manner of furniture is stored on shelves reaching high above you to the roof....there is lots to see and tempt you there..or climb the stairs to the discount section, and maybe you will be lucky enough to find what you are looking for at a bargain price. If you are looking for a particular piece and you don't see it on display....well don't despair, just wander back into the showroom and tell the staff what you are looking for, they will sit you down and hand you 3, 4, 5 or 6 catalogues from manufacturers all over the world to browse through...find the perfect modern and contemporary bar stool from Italy in white leather and stainless steel...or perhaps you are looking for a  marble topped dining table that seats 10...what ever it is, whatever style you are looking for, International Furniture Wholesalers can get it for you. No wonder it is the 'go to' place for the cities saavy Interior designers who are looking for pieces to thrill and excite their clients. We recommend checking out their listing here  or going to their Facebook page to see some pictures ...or simply drop by in person..the staff are wonderful, and they can't wait to help you find EXACTLY what you are looking for. Here is a stunning bedroom set that is sure to tempt you....



We will tell you about the other 3 Trusted listings that went live last week after the CFCR interview on Monday....TUNE in to find out the exciting news about Trusted Saskatoon's mass media marketing campaign and when it is set to launch!

We are rapidly filling Trusted Saskatoon's listings,with wonderful highly recommended and customer focused businesses , but if you know of any business in categories that have spaces on the site please let us know by NOMINATING them here to do that  or simply send an email to

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